The “smooth iron shots” tour continues! Tiger Woods tweeted a video Tuesday afternoon showing the 14-time major champion and Kevin Chappell hitting iron shots at an exhibition for Woods’ TW Invitational (a fundraiser for the Tiger Woods Foundation).

Woods appears on the range with Chappell hitting what looks to be a stock mid-iron shot.

Interestingly, as ESPN’s Bob Harig tweeted

So, regardless of what type of “partial golf activity” he has been cleared to engage in, the video is the second morsel of swing footage TW has tweeted since October 7.

Kevin Roman, Director of Instruction at Monterey Peninsula Country Club, where Woods’ event was held, captured some additional swing video.

Roman also snapped this awesome shot of Woods’ bag, which features some things we haven’t seen before, to say the least: new prototype irons with TGR stamping and logo, TaylorMade PSi and UDI irons. Many thanks, Kevin!

Screenshot-2017-10-11 Kevin Roman on Twitter GolfWRX Here is a look inside Tiger Woods bag https t co H2uf3Vi8Ub


Vote now on what manufacturer you think made Tiger’s “TGR” irons

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  1. Really admire Tiger and hope he can play again but isn’t it time for him to try a cavity back iron> He played ping irons in his teens why not go full circle and maybe regain some youthful magic

    • It seems incredibly naive or just plain stupid that you think Steinberg is controlling Tiger and making key decisions for him.

      What are the specific things you can point to in order to give some credibility to your ridiculous assertion.

  2. A lot of Tiger hate on here. He doesn’t bad after multiple back surgeries.

    Tiger’s does more for golf than anyone regardless of what he brought upon himself with his off the course BS.

  3. Looks like the ’02 Nike blade. Very clean and very nice forging.

    Hope he can stick in it long enough to make some events and play the farewell tour for us. Swing looks so robotic now, it’s tough to watch. Get better Tiger.

  4. The ‘TGR’ irons are classic muscleback blades.
    Whoever provided him with the irons simply didn’t stamp the forgings with their OEM logo… obviously at his request and expense.
    The rest of the long irons are TM stock stuff.
    Anything on the driver and fairways? I suspect the driver is a TM M1/2 and the fairways are his old trusty Nike junk.
    Tiger’s WITB looks like a hodge-podge of clubs with no recognition factor.