WATCH: How to make more putts from 5-10 feet


This week’s Impact Show looks at short-range putting from 5-to-10 feet and shows a simple putting game that can help you build confidence on holing more short putts.

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  1. PGA tour avg from 6 feet last year was 70.59%, worst on tour was 53.06% and best was 84.75%. Tour avg from 8 feet was still just over 50% at 54.24% and the best on tour made 74.19% from 8 feet! Yes expectations are important but how about you guys provide some real stats. All these putting stats are available online and take 30 seconds to look up. Also, instead of worrying about 6 footers how about you help people chip it/lag it closer so you have less 6 footers, even the worst putter on tour last year made 81.9% from 4 feet.

  2. I carry two putters because you can’t use the same putter for short and long putts because the physics of putting with the same weight putter is contradictory.
    A heel-shafted 8802 style putter for long putts and a center-shafted putter for shorter putts. The weights are different too. I haven’t changed my putters for the last 10 years because they work perfectly.

  3. Duhhh… That teaches you nothing, and 50% from 6 feet is not too good.
    a) buy the right putter for you and instead of getting fitted for a specific Scotty Cameron or Tayloe or whatever try very different types. My putting was around the 32.5 per round and it dropped to 31 and less when I bought an Odyssey Tank, I think the large grip that came felt very good but it’s mostly the weight that gave me a much nicer swing. So get out there and try some stuff.
    b) speed control is the consequence of a smooth swing and catching the ball slightly on the way up. The ball rolls almost immediately and holds the line better, also you will need less backswing as the balls benefits from this little bit of top spin.
    c) you need that speed control to make any putt with a bit of break, so it’s not only about the alignment.
    d) have your pro check your angles regularly. It is very easy to let your routine drift from one week to the next and compensate a bad alignment with closed shoulders or open hips or a twisted grip