Cristie Kerr was a woman on a mission at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France. From the time she stepped onto the first tee, through her opening-round 62, to the moment she pointed to the skies after her tournament-winning par at the 72nd hole, Kerr was determined to win.

Understandably emotional following the win, Kerr mentioned the departed Cassandra Kirkland, a 32-year-old Ladies European Tour player, who died of cancer in April.

“I’m sorry, but f*** cancer,” Kerr said.

The 19-time winner was referencing Kirkland’s F#@* CANCER campaign, in which Kirkland launched t-shirt sales bearing the slogan at the 2016 Evian Championship.

Cassandra Kirklnd at the 2016 Evian Championship.
Cassandra Kirklnd at the 2016 Evian Championship.

Kerr herself has raised millions of dollars for cancer research via her Birdies for Breast cancer tournament.

Open de France participants were asked to donate five euros for every birdie to a charity called ARTIC, in memory of Kirkland. Kerr pledged $5,000 per birdie.

“I played for them, and I played for myself. I’m so sorry to say the F word, but I’m so sick of people losing people to cancer,” she said after the win.

Don’t apologize, Cristie Kerr.

As fans, we respect Kerr using something profoundly negative as fuel for a barnstorming victory. And there’s no need to treat a horrendous and devastating disease with respect.

We don’t get anywhere as a society by tip-toeing around cancer and other diseases: Acknowledge the enemy and confront it. “F*** cancer” is right.

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  1. Why not just print the word? You basically saying that no one should be offended by the language given the topic so why not just write that actual word? Everyone knows which word you’re talking about. Just print the word. Political correctness gone mad.

  2. Nothing wrong with being passionate about something. Just like how I’m passionate about Multiculturalism and Feminism. “F*** Multiculturalism and Feminism.” I think if Cristie looked into the JQ problem, she will learn a lot about why there are no cures for diseases like Cancer.