As recently as two weeks ago, Tiger Woods’ doctors had only cleared the 14-time major champion to hit 60-yard wedge shots.

Last week at the Presidents Cup, assistant captain Woods provided no meaningful update and suggested he may never play competitively again.

Thus, the 24-second slow motion video he tweeted Saturday is manna from heaven for Tiger fans. In it, Woods plays a ‘smooth’ iron shot.

Now, we can move from guessing if Tiger will ever play again to the speculation as to when Woods could compete and the armchair analysis of TW’s action.

But hey, it’s the best time to be a Tiger fan since Woods withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic in February.



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  1. Have them girls in the front
    Now or later just bumpin’ that rump
    Raise it up let me see that round
    Slap it girl, make it jiggle around
    Round and round that rump goes
    Where it stop yo, no one knows, yeah
    Freak Nasty wanna see
    Can y’all do this right like me
    I put my hand upon your hip
    When I dip you dip we dip
    You put your hand upon my hip
    When you dip I dip we dip
    I put my hand upon your hip
    When I dip you dip we dip
    You put yours and I put mine
    And we can dip down low
    And roll it round

  2. slow motion will not show his rushed transition (compared to what he use to have)……google his swing from 2001….then look his 2015 transition…..not the same and likely the reason he lost lots of power…

  3. Now all he needs is to be able to hit a driver, fix his short game figure out how to putt again, stop dipping, find a rhythm with some kind of tempo, improve his mental attitude, get his focus back and not break his back and he’ll be back!

      • RMF, yeah, but you can’t hit modern big-headed 460 driver that way. He could do it back then in the 90’s early 2000’s when the heads were still relatively smaller compared to the 460 we have now, when he could still somewhat hit down-ish on it. Now with that dip, he’s all over the place. Not that I want to him to change his swing now, mind you, I don’t want to see him anywhere near the tour again

      • It might have been straight before, but it’s all crooked now since he hit the fire hydrant, and since he’s been caught drooling at the wheel slobbering on dilaudid

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