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VIDEO: Tiger Woods hitting a ‘smooth iron shot’



As recently as two weeks ago, Tiger Woods’ doctors had only cleared the 14-time major champion to hit 60-yard wedge shots.

Last week at the Presidents Cup, assistant captain Woods provided no meaningful update and suggested he may never play competitively again.

Thus, the 24-second slow motion video he tweeted Saturday is manna from heaven for Tiger fans. In it, Woods plays a ‘smooth’ iron shot.

Now, we can move from guessing if Tiger will ever play again to the speculation as to when Woods could compete and the armchair analysis of TW’s action.

But hey, it’s the best time to be a Tiger fan since Woods withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic in February.



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  1. MB

    Oct 9, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    I love it. Does he get jiggy wit’ it too?

  2. Someone

    Oct 9, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Any speculation as to the sigh at the end? you think he was in pain still or disappointed?

  3. bb

    Oct 9, 2017 at 12:40 am


  4. Mad-Mex

    Oct 8, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Good Luck and Speedy recovery,,,,,,,, but he wont be more than a side show and ticket seller until the novelty wears off and he joins the Senior Tour….

    • Crackshot

      Oct 8, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      His spine is wrecked because papa Woods forced lil’ 2 y.o. Tiger to swing a weighted club with a cut down steel shaft…. and 40 years later he has an 80 y.o. spinal column!!!

      • Rwj

        Oct 8, 2017 at 7:21 pm

        More likely his wanna be SEAL mindset and training. He was a small guy trying to carry heavy amounts of muscle

      • MB

        Oct 9, 2017 at 1:30 am

        It’s because he activated his glutes all wrong with too many ladies of the night

  5. M. Vegas

    Oct 8, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Every day is upper body day yo

  6. Scott

    Oct 8, 2017 at 3:35 pm


  7. The Dude

    Oct 8, 2017 at 10:01 am

    slow motion will not show his rushed transition (compared to what he use to have)……google his swing from 2001….then look his 2015 transition…..not the same and likely the reason he lost lots of power…

  8. RG

    Oct 8, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Now all he needs is to be able to hit a driver, fix his short game figure out how to putt again, stop dipping, find a rhythm with some kind of tempo, improve his mental attitude, get his focus back and not break his back and he’ll be back!

    • JJC51

      Oct 9, 2017 at 7:44 pm

      Oh, and he will have to remember which coast he is on, Atlantic or Pacific, next time he is pulled over by the cops.

  9. MB

    Oct 8, 2017 at 2:05 am

    Until he fixes that wicked dip, he’ll never be hit his driver straight again. And I shouldn’t help him or anything lol

    • RMF

      Oct 8, 2017 at 2:45 pm

      Tiger has always had a massive drop in his swing?

      • MB

        Oct 9, 2017 at 1:21 am

        RMF, yeah, but you can’t hit modern big-headed 460 driver that way. He could do it back then in the 90’s early 2000’s when the heads were still relatively smaller compared to the 460 we have now, when he could still somewhat hit down-ish on it. Now with that dip, he’s all over the place. Not that I want to him to change his swing now, mind you, I don’t want to see him anywhere near the tour again

    • Crackshot

      Oct 8, 2017 at 7:11 pm

      He likes to ‘dip’ with his straight driver… he needs no help….

      • MB

        Oct 9, 2017 at 1:22 am

        It might have been straight before, but it’s all crooked now since he hit the fire hydrant, and since he’s been caught drooling at the wheel slobbering on dilaudid

  10. cgasucks

    Oct 7, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Baby steps…

  11. Steve

    Oct 7, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Probably hit the smooth 9 as far as I hit my hybrid.

    • Crackshot

      Oct 8, 2017 at 7:12 pm

      you can only hit your hybrid 150 yards? LOL

      • MB

        Oct 9, 2017 at 1:31 am

        Oh you give him way too much credit, he meant more like 110 yards

  12. SteveK

    Oct 7, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    A smooth three-quarter 9-iron shot?

    • SteveK

      Oct 8, 2017 at 2:50 am

      One of the TV analysts at the Safeway Open made the comment that most of the golfers were only going back three-quarters with their irons.
      I guess the pros can backswing three-quarters to generate enough shoulder torque for their iron shots.

      • RMF

        Oct 8, 2017 at 4:42 pm

        if that is 3/4s what fraction is John Rahms swing 1/24

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Geoff Ogilvy disses “second-rate” Australian Open; Adam Scott’s grudge against Golf Australia?



You may or may not know it, but there is more going on in the golfing world this week than just the DP World Tour Championship, Dunlop Phoenix, and RSM Classic. Australia’s oldest and most prestigious golf event is also underway, after failing to attract the star names of previous years. Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Marc Leishman, and Jason Day have all played in the championship in recent times, but none are in action in Sydney this week.

Former Australian Open champion and native Aussie Geoff Ogilvy is another man who won’t be competing at the event this year, and on Wednesday, the former U.S. Open winner ripped into the championship, describing it as “a second-rate tournament.” Ogilvy, writing for Golf Australia Magazine, stated that the tournaments current predicament was due to the lack of progression that the event has made compared to other competitions around the world.

“I hate to say this, but the Australian Open feels like a second-rate tournament now. I’m sure it is run in the same way it was 30 years ago, but tournaments elsewhere have progressed so much, and the differences show.”

Does Adam Scott feel slighted by Golf Australia?

While losing Ogilvy, who has just lost his PGA Tour card and now sits at 780th in the world rankings, may not overly concern the tournament organizers, the loss of Adam Scott for the second successive year at the event will come as a significant blow.

Scott had competed in the Australian Open 17 years on the trot before the former Masters champion opted out of playing the 2017 edition of the event. The decision for Scott to skip last year’s tournament is believed to be down to an unsatisfactory offer from Golf Australia, who had prioritized their investment in Day and Spieth, and his non-appearance this week indicates that he is unlikely to forget that insult.

However, according to Golf Australia CEO, Stephen Pitt, the former world number one’s absence once again at the Australian Open is not due to a strained relationship, although Pitt did express regret over last year’s dealings with Scott when speaking about the golfers no-show this week.

“Things could have been done differently last year but, from our perspective, we’re confident that there’s no strained relationship that we need to worry about.”

Despite the public show of confidence from Pitt, the fact that Scott is currently in Sydney for a charity event instead of teeing it up at the Australian Open this week, suggests that something may well be awry between the two.

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Behind Matt Kuchar’s switch to the Bridgestone Tour B X ahead of last week’s win



If you’re reading this article, you almost certainly know Matt Kuchar ended a four-year victory drought with a win at the Mayakoba Golf Classic last week. You may not know, however, about an interesting equipment change Kuchar made prior to hoisting the trophy.

Following a sub-par 2018 season that saw him record just four top-10 finishes in 24 starts, the Georgia Tech alum felt he needed to make some changes.

One of those changes: his golf ball. Now, given Kuch’s club head speed last year — 107.97 mph (183rd on Tour) — your wouldn’t have thought the happy warrior would  switch to a lower-spinning golf ball. However, that’s just what he did, making the move from Bridgestone’s Tour B XS to its Tour B X. And according to the company, he did so after a recent fitting session in which he was driving the X seven yards farther than the XS.

I had a chance to ask Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone’s Golf Ball Marketing Manager, and Adam Rehberg, the company’s Golf Ball Fitting Manager, about the switch.

So, what was the thinking/data that had Matt Kuchar playing the XS originally?

Mellow: “Matt had historically been in our higher spin spec — he appreciated the spin control into and around the green. For years, the B330-S and then the Tour B XS, allowed Matt to hit his windows and optimize trajectory. As he started to reevaluate his fit, there were really two things in play here that allowed the door to be opened for Matt to explore a more distance spec ball: Over the years, we have continued to soften the covers of all Tour balls. So in our distance spec, the Tour B X, you really don’t sacrifice spin for distance, it still is a great spin control ball with irons and wedges. The other thing to consider is some of the club set-ups for Matt have changed, which allowed us to reevaluate his fit.”

Why test at this point in time, and what was the testing like? What were the results?

Mellow: “During the off season, Matt was really taking a look at every aspect of his bag. If you look at his equipment setup during the FedEx Cup compared to what he has in play these last couple of tournaments, basically everything changed: club heads, shafts, mix of clubs, etc. With those changes it’s natural for Matt, and any golfer really, to want to reevaluate their ball to ensure it still fits their needs.”

“Ball testing for Matt involves looking at the performance of the ball with every club in the bag. It’s no secret that Matt isn’t the longest driver of the golf ball so driver distance and ball speed are important to him. We take a look at what’s going on with the driver and work backwards from there. In short, start from the tee and work our way down to the green, much like you would play a hole.”

Rehberg: “Matt began initial testing of the Tour B X golf ball in Vegas with our Tour team. After seeing some great results on the range with increased ball speed, reduced spin and 7 yards longer distance, he decided to test the ball during the Pro-AM. Ultimately he made the decision to switch models for tournament play.”

“Coming out of Vegas Matt was starting to get comfortable with the Tour B X and carried that positive momentum over to Mexico as the ball gave him confidence to attack fairways (T3 in Driver Accuracy) and pins (79% GIR). In the small sample size since switching over to the X ball, Matt has seen an increase of 7 yards in Driver Distance, tighter dispersion and lower more piercing trajectory compared to his set up from last season.”

What this would seem to speak to, then, for the average golfer, is the detriments of picking a ball and playing if for years on end and the need to be re-ball fitted, if you will…

Rehberg: “There is a lot that goes into choosing a ball. And in Matt’s case, he went through a pretty significant equipment overhaul, especially with his shafts. We encourage golfers to include looking at their ball performance when they go through the process of rebuilding their bag. That’s exactly what Matt did. He noticed some increased spin numbers on his irons and driver during these shaft and driver changes and took advantage of switching to a ball that fits his game better.”

Mellow: “Your swing, club head, and shaft selection all factor into the science, the physics of the ball fitting process. You change one of these variables and the conditions at impact change, the launch data changes. As the data changes it creates a situation where your ball fit will need to be reevaluated.”

RELATED: Matt Kuchar’s Winning WITB: Mayakoba Golf Classic

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GolfWRX Morning 9: A gray-haired resurgance | McGinley calls out McIlroy



By Ben Alberstadt (

November 15, 2018

Good Thursday morning, golf fans.
1. A gray-haired resurgence
Matt Kuchar and Lee Westwood winning again had Shane Ryan looking back at recent 30-and-40 something winners this fall – the long(er) in the tooth have triumphed late in the year.
  • “Fall officially begins in the northern hemisphere on Sept. 22, and on that Saturday, 42-year-old Tiger Woods shot a 65 in the Tour Championship to propel himself to the top of the leader board. The very next day, he finally broke his five-year winning drought and raised a trophy on the PGA Tour. Simultaneously, 38-year-old Justin Rose secured the FedEx Cup title and the $10 million bonus.”
  • “If we were paying attention, we would have seen the signs: After a spring and summer of Koepka and Reed and DeChambeau, the gray-hairs were making a resurgence.
  • “Next came the Ryder Cup, where an extremely experienced European team taught the brash youngsters a lesson. Along with Bjorn’s vintage picks, 35-year-old Francesco Molinari was the undisputed star, becoming just the second man in the modern era to earn five points for his team.”
  • “A few weeks later, at Valderrama, the 38-year-old Garcia shook off the bad memories from a miserable year on the PGA Tour to win his first tournament of 2018, and just his second since his Masters triumph 18 months earlier.”
2. Communication problems
New U.S. Ryder Cup goal: communication.
Rex Hoggard at Golf Channel…”Following the U.S. Ryder Cup team’s victory at the 2016 matches, then-captain Davis Love III credited a new system of organization that mirrored that used by USA Basketball. Love and this year’s captain Jim Furyk used those lessons as they prepared for September’s matches, and on Wednesday at the RSM Classic, Love said that learning curve will continue after the U.S. team’s seven-point loss in Paris.”
‘”I just think we need to communicate a little bit better as a team,” said Love, one of Furyk’s vice captains in Paris. “That doesn’t mean just the captains or just the players. I think we need to get to know each other even better and communicate a little bit better so little frustrations don’t turn into problems.””
Rex Hoggard on OWGR problems and why they’ll persist.
  • “Brooks Koepka moved back into the top spot in the Official World Golf Ranking from his couch on Monday, and depending on a variety of scenarios this week at the Dunlop Phoenix event in Japan where the three-time major champion is playing, he could be overtaken by Justin Rose … who is spending this week on his couch.”
  • “The world rankings are golf’s version of the College Football Playoffs – confusing at times, arbitrary at others and even polarizing. But it’s not Koepka and Rose’s game of musical chairs atop the list that’s most compelling.”
  • “The frontmen for the world’s two most high-profile tours also appear to be taking a long look at the math and madness of the rankings, at least if current comments are any indication.
  • “Two weeks ago at the Turkish Airlines Open, European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley was asked about his circuit’s relationship with Rolex, which is the title sponsor of the tour’s eight Rolex Series events. That Pelley’s response drifted into an examination of the OWGR was telling.”

Full piece.

4. LPGA pros step up
Beth Ann Nichols writes…”Tiffany Joh saw a need and rallied her fellow tour players to respond. Joh read on Facebook that the parents of JaNae Rhodes, one of the LPGA’s physical therapists, lost everything they own in the Camp Fire that has devastated California….Joh shareda GoFundMe page on Twitter that Rhodes’ husband had created.”
  • “Apparently her parents are in the Northern California area that was affected by the Camp Fire and literally just escaped with the shirts on their backs,” said Joh, whose own San Diego home is under extreme watch.”
  • “I don’t have a huge social media following, but I feel like I’m friends with people that do.”
  • “Jane Park retweeted Joh’s note, pledging to donate $20 for every birdie she makes at this week’s CME Group Tour Championship and asked if any other players wanted to join. Azahara Munoz jumped on board, and Paige Spiranac said she’d match Park’s donation.”
5. McGinley disappointed in McIlroy
One of emerging elder statesmen of European golf is predictably unhappy with Rory McIlroy’s announcement that he won’t be playing muchon the European Tour next year.
  • Said MgGinley...”It’s very disappointing…”I’ve been racking my brains wondering how that can be.
  • “Obviously Rory sees it in other ways and has got his own rationale for that, although I’m finding it hard to understand,” added McGinley, who will succeed the 29-year-old as the Irish Open’s tournament host at next year’s event in Lahinch.”
  • “Of the 12 players that represented Europe in the Ryder Cup this year, Rory is the only one who is going to do that and the others have all signed up to play the minimum of four events outside of the majors and WGCs.”
  • “We’ve already reduced the number of events players have to play on the European Tour from five down to four, just to make it easy for the guys, like Rory, who are playing a worldwide schedule.”
  • “It is right at the very minimum at the moment and the European Tour don’t feel that four is huge task to meet.”
6. More folk tales of Cameron Champ
Steve DiMeglio at USA Today…
A morsel…”This guy was Cameron Champ – there’s a name straight out of Madison Avenue – and Wagner watched intently on the tee of the 447-yard par-4 that was playing into the wind on a chilly day.”
  • “My jaw just dropped,” Wagner said. “That hole is not as short and easy as he made it look. He probably had a sand wedge in and I had a 6-iron into the green. Such impressive ball flight, such impressive length. I’ve never seen anybody flight and control a driver as he did that day.
  • “He’s fit, he’s young, he’s flexible and he’s strong as a bull.”
  • “The legend of Champ is ever growing, an eye-popping yarn of a 6-0, 175-pound, 23-year-old who sports a 32-inch waist, 129 mph swing speed and 190 mph ball speed. In a game that features Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and many other bombers, Champ might be the longest of them all.”
7. Line ’em up no more
Golf Channel’s Randall Mell...”If you’re an LPGA fan and never liked seeing caddies line up players before a shot or putt, you can rejoice.”
  • “This week’s season-ending CME Group Tour Championship marks the last time you will have to endure it.
  • “When the LPGA resumes play in its season opener at the Diamond Resort Tournament of Championship next January, the new Rules of Golf forbidding caddies from aligning players will be in effect.”
Praise the golf gods.
8. Match beginnings
Dave Shedloski fleshed out the origin story of The Match in an excellent piece.
  • “The concept for The Match began with a hypothetical question between two Hollywood friends, CAA’s Jack Whigham, the agency’s co-head of motion picture talent, and one of his clients, Bryan Zuriff, a producer whose credits include the film, “Jobs,” and the Showtime series “Ray Donovan.””
  • “Zuriff, a golf enthusiast who was a huge fan of “The Skins Game” that used to occupy Thanksgiving weekend, is that creative type who has a million ideas running through his mind at all hours. Apparently, some are quite good, including a new Showtime limited series, “Escape At Dannemora,” starring Benicio del Toro and directed by Ben Stiller (the latter who might make an appearance on the pre-game show). His rough conceptualization for The Match got this ball rolling.”
  • “He called and asked me, How crazy is this? Whigham recalled. “I said, Probably too crazy.
  • “Basically, we started thinking, Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a golf match that was played the way a lot of us play with our buddies on the weekends? You know, where you bet on everything and talk smack and basically have this continually running dialogue of, pardon the expression, giving each other shit.”
9. Still work to be done to Save Muny
Geoff Shackelford notes that the imperiled Lions Municipal is still very much imperiled.
  • “The University of Texas Board of Regents and legislators who hold the future of Lions Municipal apparently need to be reminded again that a lot of people care about Austin’s gem of a public golf facility.”
  • “This Thursday they vote on whether to extend the Brackenridge Tract Agreement deadline for canceling the Muny Golf Course lease. An extension is needed to allow the state of Texas and City of Austin to continue negotiations on Saving Muny and the Brackenridge Tract.”
Shackelford directs readers to a form letter on Save Muny Instagram, which you can find here.
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