Barstool Sports’ foray into the world of golf, which may be outside of the norm for golf journalism, includes their Fore Play podcast and an associated Twitter account that is a catch-all for some absolute gems.

Exhibit A: This golfer at the driving range. She somehow manages to hit herself after a split-handed strike with a wood.

Our Tom Stickney II, a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, did his best to offer a technical analysis of this horrorshow.

Stickney identified an extreme out-to-in swing with an equally extremely steep downswing brought on by leaning forward and moving in front of the ball at impact. The result: an uber pop-up, and because of where she moved her head during the downswing, getting hit in the face with the ball.

Incredible. Perhaps even more shocking: the guy (hopefully not her significant other) was more concerned about picking up the damn driving range ball than making sure she was OK.

What the heck, man?

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