Tommy Armour III is a 57-year-old two-time PGA Tour winner and damn legend of the game who is still making his bones on the PGA Tour Champions.

Good on Skratch TV for picking TA3 as the guy to film the following video with: a pro hitting museum-worthy clubs. And credit to Neil Sagebiel of Armchair Golfer for digging up this video from last fall.

First up, a Spalding Tournament Model 3-wood. The club is from the 60s, perhaps? “There’s a good chance this…could explode as we hit it,” Armour says as he looks the club over.

tommy armour iii skratchHeck, rather than reading at a transcript of the video, you should be watching one of the truly legendary journeymen of the game.

Sidebar: Was there any doubt in your mind that TA3 still wears nails?

tommy armour iii shoesKeeping the ball constant, there’s no better way to illustrate the improvements in golf technology than an exercise like the above.

It’s a superior illustration to use a near-60-year-old pro than, say, the Gumby-esque center-contact-making Justin Thomas, who could probably still pipe a persimmon 290.


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