Matt Harmon stepped up to the most important putt of his career and the golf gods laughed in his face.

It wasn’t quite so cut-and-dried as “this putt is for a PGA Tour card,” but pretty close. Harmon needed a four-footer for birdie at the 17th hole (and a par at the 18th) to finish inside the top 25 for the Finals.

Instead, Harmon agonizingly missed the putt with a decelerating stroke that had him walking after it early, saying, “That’s the worst putt I’ve hit in a long time.”

He followed up with a bogey at the 18th to miss out on his chance to join the big tour by two strokes.

Even more savagely than coaxing Harmon into a high-handicapper’s putting stroke, as you can see in the video below, the golf gods weren’t about to give him the satisfaction of breaking his putter on the first or second try.

Harmon eventually succeeded with the less than satisfying “step on the head and separate the shaft” break, which has to be the least cathartic form of club break.

I mean, damn, didn’t the guy at least deserve something like this?

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  1. Joe Daley at Q School was way more heartbreaking than this when his hit the liner on the final hole. That’s the golf gods! This has nothing to do with the golf gods. Just nerves and a pulled birdie attempt on the second to last hole. He’s a better golfer then I’ll ever be though.

  2. Had nothing to do with “golf gods” As more than one former player now sports analyst has said, “we don’t like to use the word, but it looks like he choked” There are lot’s of golfers with great swings and lots of talent, but it’s the between the ears and what’s in their gut that makes the difference. And I’m in no way calling Harmon a choker, or gutless. He may learn and come out and smoke the tour next year. All about how you handle adversity, he didn’t handle it well, wasn’t the putter’s fault.