With the return of international team competition, golf fans are treated to the reappearance of a sometimes great, often not so great, phenomenon: teammate celebrations.

Choreographed celebrations are always a mixed bag. Discussing this half-baked effort, Golf.com’s Alan Shipnuck writes, “Mickelson and Kisner doing the double-slap-blow-it-up hand gesture that even elementary school kids find tedious.”

Now, this was always going to be an uphill battle. Kisner, is normally stoic on course, but has been known to burst into spontaneous celebration—such as when he pitched in for eagle at the Zurich Classic.

Like a great jazz musician, his best work is improvised. Mickelson, for his part, is almost exclusively a little fist pump guy (when not leaping three inches off the ground). Thus, the two putting their heads together was never going to produce an original work of dynamism.

Simpler is better, unless you’re particularly gifted. It’s like writing, unless you’re Proust or Nabokov, take a cue from Hemingway and keep it restrained. Mickelson and Kisner would do better with something along the lines of the classic Kuchar-Woods Fresh Prince handshake.

Rickie Fowler, with a wave to partner Justin Thomas and a Happy Gilmore-esque “did that go in?”, offered the second-best celebration of the opening round.

While not technically a celebration between teammates, this act of jubilation merits inclusion. Nothing on the first day of competition beat Marc Leishman celebrating with these Canadian flag-clad fans/revelers.

Obviously, it’d have been better if Leish were whooping it up with Australian flag-wearing fans, but depriving the insufferable “Fanatics” of the chance to celebrate with an Aussie is the icing on this day one cake.

We’ll see what the rest of the competition holds on the overflowing-of-joy front (likely not much from the International side, if history is any indication).

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