A Fun Drill To Help You Chip It Close!


Are you struggling with your chipping? It’s frustrating and adds unnecessary strokes to your score. In this video, I demonstrate a drill that I know will help you immediately.

The chipping motion consists of the arms and hands swinging the club back and forth. The feet, knees, hips, chest and shoulders should move naturally as well. At no time should your lower body be frozen over the ball, and you don’t want excess tension in your wrists and forearms, either. A light grip will allow you to swing the golf club more naturally. This drill helps with both of those things.

Someone probably told you put the ball back in your stance when you chip, but it’s not usually good advice. It doesn’t allow the loft of the club to do its job. The ball should be in the middle of your stance to allow your arms to swing naturally and let the effective loft on the golf club get the ball in the air. Having the ball in the middle of your stance will also allow you to make better contact, which leads to more spin.

As you’ll see in the video, walking into the ball while swinging and brushing the grass will allow you to feel the fluid motion of the chip. Those ugly, skulled line drives will be few and far between once you try this drill a few times, and you’ll start hitting more pretty chip shots close to the pin more often.

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Jess Frank is a PGA Teaching Professional at Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He's owner of the Jess Frank Golf Academy, and his passion is to help golfers play better and have more fun on the course. Students have described his instruction style as non-intimidating, friendly and easy to understand.

Jess works with every level of golfer, and his lesson tee includes complete beginners and high-level golfers. Playing lessons are also a very important part of his lesson program. His greatest joy is seeing his students smile and get excited about playing golf!

Please feel free to email him at pgapro@jessfrankgolf.com or contact him directly at 561-213-8579.


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  1. Great chipping drill. I tried it and I love it. Stepping into the next ball really smoothed out the body action and the arm-hand-club action followed smoothly too.
    Ironically, I’ve been doing a somewhat similar drill with my driver. I use 3 BrushTees and I hit the three balls in succession, but not walking into the balls. I set up my foot positions and then hit the balls in relatively fast order. I hate bending over and teeing up a single ball on the driving range and my driver drill gives me a better swing workout.
    I had a friend setting up balls on a rubber tee, but that was too many drives. I fatigued and my form suffered. Three balls seems to be optimal for me.
    Your thoughts on the driver drill.