Me and My Golf: The Secrets to Great Ball Striking


In this video, we reveal the “secrets,” or the keys, to striking the golf ball more solidly, especially as it relates to iron play. We also provide a must-try drill!

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Me and My Golf is the No. 1 subscribed golf YouTube channel in the world.
Piers and Andy provide a variety of video content for avid golf fans that reaches more than 180 countries. Essentially, Me and My Golf's social channels feature core instructional training tips and drills, as well as entertainment focused golf challenges, course Vlogs and trick shots.

Piers has spent more than 15 years helping golfers, delivering 35,000+ lessons. After years of learning from the best coaches around the world, he has developed a simple approach to help golfers improve. His greatest skill is understanding the needs of his students, which allows him to deliver “their best lesson."

Andy has spent the last 11 years coaching golf and has a passion for helping people improve. His dedication to improving his knowledge has taken him around the world, and he has learned his craft from some of the best coaches and players. Andy’s promise is to share his experiences to deliver first-class instruction


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  1. Why the negativity? I see value in this just from the demonstration of the clubface angel at the top being open vs closed (compared to the forearm angle) – and they are correct in how an open position at the top (due to wrist hinge that is more extended than flexed) promotes casting coming down (due to the pshycological fear of not being able to square the clubface enough with the pivot alone).

    What is interesting to me is, after studying Hogan videos for years, is that Mr. Hogan opened his clubface going to the top of his backswing on purpose, and then had the ability to close it (or bring it back to square) on the way down. This is monumentally difficult (at least for me).

    I am probably better off following their advice and just developing a backswing that gets the clubface square or closed at the top to begin with, so that the hands can just stay there in that position for transition and onward.

    As far as the drill goes, I think that has value just doing it slowly and clipping a tee (without a ball). After all, they say this is more about the feel of getting the arm, wrist, and clubface angles into the right positions – on the way up in the backswing – so as to get rid of the fear of needing to square the clubface via additional (and early) wrist flexion and uncocking on the way down.

    Call me gullible if you like. I’m going to work on this to get the feel of it, so that I can hopefully make an actual change to my backswing (as opposed to the “feel vs. real” illusion that my current drills seem to be stuck in). One of the things that Wayne Defrancesco has taught me is how difficult it is to actually make a change in my golfswing. We think we are capable of making changes on a dime (and we are sometimes) but they rarely “stick.”