Ben Crane received an 8-shot penalty at the Tour’s Alberstsons Boise Open for launch monitor stickers he had on two of his golf clubs.

Technically, Crane received a pair of 4-shot penalties, as he did not discover that he had the stickers on two of his clubs (his driver and his 6-iron) until later in the round. Crane explains in the video below.

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Let that be a lesson to golfers with access to a launch monitor. If you use stickers, take them off before you play… at least if it’s a competitive round.

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  1. The rules are the rules, Crane should be applauded for notifying the officials; obviously he knew it was a technical illegality.

    Golfers, most of us, are keenly aware of such rules and would rather be penalized for an oversight than to be thought of or accused of cheating.

    Bravo Ben, now get your PGA Tour card back.

  2. This is proof that the rules of golf need simplifying. In cases such as this where no advantage is gained and where no deliberate attempt to cheat occur, the rules should allow the the officials to waive any penalties. How complicated is that?