Golf is as easy as peeling carrots


I heard through the grape vine that Tiger Woods is searching for a technique he can use to allow him to play golf without any further damage and compete again. Here’s an idea: focus on a task that gets the results needed, and let the body tell you how to perform the task!

If Tiger were to go to a lumberjack camp and learn how to chop trees down the old fashioned way with a nice, sharp, 6-pound axe, he would walk out of there like Paul Bunyan after a month with a complete skill acquired and no injuries. Use the task in this video to acquire the skill needed to send a ball to a target!

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  1. He just used his right hand, and sliced AWAY from his body, left to right, horizontally, to slice that carrot. Yet he is hitting the ball right handed, right to left, in a downward motion, and with right palm facing down wrapped around the grip, and not slicing the turf away with his left hand or arm pulling horizontally across the top of the ground with the clubhead.
    Don’t do this move folks. Clearly it doesn’t work, even philosophically speaking. How embarrassing.

  2. I’d like to hire Shawn as a prep cook at one of my restaurants. I hope he can use this technique with potatos too! Who knows what he can cook up with a driver?!?

  3. So completely wrong, it’s mind boggling he’s even allowed to teach.
    The objective of the golf club is to compress the ball off the turf onto the lofted face of the club to get it airborne with momentum and speed. It’s the downward-hitting, compressing, de-lofting motion of the forward leaning shaft angle that facilitates this downward hit that rebounds the ball onto the face of the club off the ground that propels the ball. Without the hitting, drive-down power motion bottoming out under where the ball was into the turf, the ball will not launch properly and you will consistently hit thing shots and will be cursing your finger joints and thumbs for believing that you weren’t holding onto the club properly. If you were going to peeling away with just the lead hand and arm pulling, why use the other hand at all then? This ain’t tennis’s one-handed back-hand like Federer. Good luck trying that with just your lead arm. You’ll get nowhere

    • Shawn has made the video for golfers who learn through imagery, not imitation or confusing scientific verbal mumbo jumbo.
      Of course Shawn understands the scientific aspects of the golfswing but neither he nor you would tell that to the adult golfing duffer with the frightened brain of a 12 y.o. and a bagful of ill-fitting golf clubs.
      Would you explain the golfswing to a student in all it’s gory scientific details, or would you communicate in a manner that is similar to that of Shawn?

    • Shawn’s methods don’t work for everybody. But neither do yours. I have found that my most successful striking occurs when my trail arm (my right, which also is my dominant arm in every other activity) is very passive. I do agree with your description of contact/compression, etc. But you can find it with a swing dominated by pulling, as I have with my connected, body turn dominated swing. I do maintain more “ball is target” focus than Shawn exhibits here, but successful striking can happen by pulling/swinging as well as by pushing/hitting.

      • You don’t slice like that in golf – you do that in baseball batting. Why do you think batters have a hard time converting to golf? If this above method of slicing worked, then all batter would be the greatest ball strikers – and they are not. But ice hockey players are. They understand that the club is at the deck and know how to hammer it off there. Some of the more successful converters out there are former ice hockey players, and not baseball batters. But the slicers are welcome to keep slicing the ball far and away out of bounds if they want :-p

  4. Bought a bunch of carrots and all I got with Shawn’s shaving drill is strips of julienned carrot… hitting too fat and shredding the carrot tops.
    Wotta waste of carrots. Wotta mess on my clubs. Wotta mess at the driving range!

  5. Wonderful analogy and addresses my problematic focus on the ball and thinking my swing is over once I make contact. Great tip on watering the mat too. Does ‘peel the carrot’ work for drivers, which is my biggest problem, or is there something better suited to an abbreviated driver swing?