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Members Choice: The Best Hybrids of 2017


You know the drill, GolfWRX Members. We want you to pick this year’s best hybrid. Click through to the thread and vote for hybrid you liked best. Then, offer your feedback in the comments. Click here to vote.

Did you switch drivers in 2017?


Did you swap out the ole 1-wood this season? EKELLEY (who clearly likes ALL CAPS) is on the fence about doing so, and he wants to know who’s had success…and with what. “I need HONEST answers here,” he writes. Who has switched drivers this year, from this to that and made SERIOUS gains?”

Are there “serious gainers” among the WRX readership? Check out the thread.

The “No-Sight Line Club”


Peculiar? Brilliant? Arbitrary? Most putters come with sight lines or dots. Some golfers, however, can’t stand the things. What gives? Find out in this thread.

If you could interview any pro…

Jordan Spieth go get that

Here’s an excellent question: If you could interview any current professional golfer who would it be? What would you ask him/her? Medic votes for John Daly. To see who other WRX members want to talk to, check out the thread.

Golf-related “OCD”?

No disrespect intended to those with the certifiable and unfortunate mental disorder, this thread is dedicated to those golf things you “have” to do. Clean your clubs after every shot? Mark your ball in particular way? Some more than others, but we all have our peculiar tendencies. This thread is dedicated to our “OCD” golf habits. See the thread.

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  1. It is indeed a tricky club to really measure which is best and which isn’t. We compiled our ranking a bit earlier in the year ( and the Cobra we found being the common denominator. But hybrids are probably the most unique in terms of fit to a particular player.