Ultra-premium golf equipment manufacturer PXG will match up to $1 million in Hurricane Harvey relief donations to Team Rubicon, a veteran-run disaster relief organization.

“Team Rubicon has created an exceptional program that enables veterans to continue to serve and protect during times of emergency,” said PXG founder and Marine Corps veteran Bob Parsons. “Veterans are trained to act with precision, physically and mentally, amid chaos and disaster. They are often the calm during the storm. And together, they can move mountains.”

Anyone wishing to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts can visit Team Rubicon’s website or text HARVEY to 87872. Links to donate can also be found on PXG’s website.

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  1. OK time for an audit – time has passed, how much and too whom? Did any of the people in need receive help or did funds go to charities? I’ve always said, follow the money -

  2. Billion$$$ will be needed, and a Billion$$$ is a thousand Million$.
    Surely we can find enough fat-cat 1% Millionaires/Billionaires to pony up a Million$ each to to help the Irma storm victims.

  3. Cool I guess, but hey Bob Parsons – how about delivering the money to the Red Cross and let them decide where the money is best directed – they have their thumb on the pulse of the situation are the true boots on the ground. You don’t have to put a war and military spin on everything you touch. And “up to $1m? That could end up being $500k. You just wasted more than that adding Paige Spiranac to the staff. How about thinning the herd and throwing some real money to those in need. You’re worth $2.7 BILLION. This ends up being a marketing move at the end of the day. He could have written that check to team rubicon 3 months ago but it would have gone unnoticed because Harvey wasn’t in the spotlight and it wouldn’t have been on the front page of every golf periodical. Marketing.

    • With regards to the 1 million that may end up to be 500 thousand, I can surely relate to that. In early September 2017 we had a devastating fire in Knysna, Southern Cape, Western Cape Province, South Africa. This fire is regarded as the biggest catastrophe to hit South Africa in the last 300 years. Apart for hundreds of acres of farmland and forest burnt down, approximately one thousand two hundred house also burnt down. At the time, many big companies, Banks, businesses, etc., publicly stated how much money they would contribute to the local municipality’s disaster fund for reconstruction of infra structure, rebuilding of public buildings (most houses were obviously insured), etc. These promised contributions amounted to well over 100 million Rands. Take a guess how much money has been received by the municipality’s disaster fund as of date? The short answer, less than 100 thousand Rand. So yes, I take these sort of public statements with a bag of salt.