1-Plane And 2-Plane Swings, And The Hybrid Approach


In this video, I discuss the differences and benefits of one-plane and two-plane golf swings, as well as my preference for a hybrid approach.

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Advanced Fellow of the PGA
Head Golf Professional
The Marriott Forest of Arden
The Golfing Machine Authorised Instructor
TPI Certified Fitness Golf Instructor
PGA Swing Lecturer
PGA Swing Examiner
PGA Qualified in 1999, Achieving 3rd position Trainee of the Year

Former Academy Coach Wales South West Squad
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Head Coach to Birmingham University Teams
Coach to Solihull College AASE England programme
Coached Numerous County Squads including Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Derby.

I am a highly self-motivated full time coach committed to improve players of all standards. Through continually developing my skills and knowledge I am considered one of the leading coaches and have been recently voted in Golf Worlds top 100 coaches. Having excellent communication skills enables me to be able to deliver first class tuition to all levels of golfers and this is reflected in my achievements from my players and personal accolades.


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  1. One can draw a static ‘plane’ at address but once the swing starts there are no swing ‘planes’, only ‘paths’…. shoulder path, hand path, clubhead path.
    The swing paths continually shift throughout the swing and do not follow any imaginary flat surface plane.
    The use of the term “swing plane” creates a mental image of the golf swing that is incorrect and misleading.
    The “swing paths” will twist and turn and even shift as the swing moves in the back and down swing. Take 10 golfers and you will have 10 different swing plane/paths.
    Stopping a golf swing video at any point and drawing a “swing plane” is wrong and misleading.

    • l agree with Adam, swing path is better wording…ever get in one of those big white plastic swing circular trainers that have you keep the club shaft on the plastic tubing all through the swing…swing about 20 times in there and walk away and swing without it…..club travels in different paths right..

    • Perhaps you can delineate “swing plane” limits when you reach the top of swing reversal point and when the club and arms instantaneously stop when reversing.
      That’s what Alistair may be illustrating with his 1 and 2 plane swing lines which are downswing plane line limits.