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One of the most frequent comparisons made in the “putter world” has been the Scotty Cameron 009 vs. the Byron Morgan DH89.  These are two of the most popular renditions of one of the most popular putter head shapes ever made, the Ping Anser.

There is no doubt that Byron Morgan and Scotty Cameron make some of the finest putters on the market. The 009 and DH89 are simply gorgeous. They are very similar, but have slight differences when closely examined. One of the main differences between the two is the price. The DH89 starts around $500 while the 009 costs upwards of $2,000.

I have owned and used many different variations of both the 009 and DH89 and really enjoy the tribute of both Scotty and Byron to the Anser. The two variations shown are priced above $2,000 and are some of the finest renditions of the 009 and DH89 that I have seen. They are great pieces to showcase the talents of both putter makers.

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Model: Byron Morgan DH89

Material/Finish: Damascus/Acid Blue Oil

Weight: 350g

Notes:  This putter is a custom ordered and hand shaped model, also has a rolled top line.

Model: Scotty Cameron 009

Material/Finish:  Studio Stainless Steel (SSS)/Raw Finish-Misted

Weight: 350g

Notes:  This putter is a rare 009 in SSS, released from the M&G in Japan.  Has a flat topline.


Overall shape of both putters (click to see full-size images or look through the gallery)

Bumpers and shaping, there are very slight differences between the two if you look closely.

Toe shaping differences – there are slight variations on the shoulder depth and shape, as well as other subtle differences in shape when closely examined.

Heel and neck variations – again, you can see some differences in the shoulder depth and transition from the neck of the putters.  Also, the bumper shaping is different.

Face shaping – very similar, but look at the angles on the toe lines, the 009 has a more squared off toe where the DH89 has more of an angle to it.

From address – this is where all of the subtle differences can add to the overall different appearance of these two putters.  You be the judge.


Overall, as similar as these two putters are, they are not the same. The process and final product are both different. Some people like to buy what they see, in this case, Scotty Cameron does not disappoint. The 009 is available through authorized Scotty Cameron dealers upon limited release. Part of the “fun” part of rare and tour issue Scotty Cameron putters is that the “perfect” putter sometimes is hard to find, which makes finding one you really like that much more gratifying. Getting exactly what you want on an 009 from Scotty Cameron can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

To get the DH89, you can literally walk into Byron Morgan’s shop in Huntington Beach and watch him make your putter.  Since Byron is a custom putter maker, you have more control over what you are getting and can specify exactly what you want. If you are not local, you can place your order through Byron’s team of putter representatives and trust them to get your order placed correctly.

In terms of looks, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. The subtle differences in each putter definitely add up to give the 009 and DH89 their own character and appeal.  In terms of feel and performance, neither putter will disappoint.  Feel is very subjective, but that being said, Byron and Scotty both offer milling and material options that should suit the tastes of most golfers.

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