How To Play Shots from Hilly Lies: Part 2


Learning how to play shots from hilly lies the correct way will not help you score better, but it will also help you overcome issues in your swing technique.

The example I’m using in this video a very physically strong player, and he has some nice fast twitch muscles to produce high speed. Because he was getting out in front of the ball and had to reach back, however, he was adding loft to the club and closed the face too early. That resulted in high hooks that killed his scores on windy days.

In comes the downhill fade shot to not only make his base way more stable inside the left side to keep him behind the shot, but to also get him the feel and look of a “through-ward shot.” It gives him a more penetrating flight, and the fade keeps his downswing supported and prevents the arms and club from getting stuck behind him.  

This is truly off-the-hook success. Watch the video above.

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Shawn Clement is the Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and a class A PGA teaching professional. Shawn Clement was a 2011 and 2015 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year nominee and was also voted in the top 10 (tied with Martin Hall at No. 9) as most sought after teacher on the internet with 65 K subscribers on YouTube and 29 millions hits.


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  1. Instruction on hitting from uphill and downhill lies proves that golf teaching is all over the map.
    For years I subscribed to Golf and Golf Digest. I cut articles out of each magazine for about 4 years and put them in a file folder. Last winter I decided to organize them in to categories. I found something that caused me to throw them all away. When l looked at all the articles for downhill lies about half said move the ball position forward and half said move it back. Same thing with uphill lies. This is why I don’t trust golf instructors unless they can prove their methods scientifically.