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Funny equipment mispronunciations, mixups


Driverwedge with a great thread here. He asks WRXers for their best moments of equipment name confusions, offering two doozies of his own. 

“1) I’ve heard a guy tell me that he’s got a Cleveland “Tom Austin” wedge.  Dead serious.  He thought the writing on the back of the head said “Tom Austin” and not “Tour Action”.  To me, that’s just awesome.

“2) A few years ago, a friend invited me to play a course that he was the pro at.  A few of the patrons were quite excited when they found an “OPOW” ball.  Come to find out it was a Nike MOJO.  That messed up “J” in MOJO made it look like a P when you turned it upside down.”

Check out the thread for more.

Most overrated major course


A controversial topic, perhaps, but not all major venues are created equal (just ask the USGA). Here’s an excellent discussion not of the the major venues that don’t rate, but those that may undeservedly have praise heaped upon them. An interesting discussion.

See the thread.

Best two-man golf team with the same first name


Great thread from TheCityGame. Building off a story on The Ringer in which the author tries to put together the best starting five for a basketball team with the same first name (five Larrys, etc), this thread seeks to do the same in golf. For example: Jack Nicklaus and Jackie Burke. Ben Hogan and Ben Crenshaw. Tiger Woods and…well, nevermind.

Join the discussion.

You know you’re in for a long day on the golf course when…


We’ve all been there. Medic kicks off an excellent thread with a Mad Libs-style exercise for our collective amusement: “You know you’re in for a long day on the golf course when _____”. His answer, “You are joined up with a threesome who, at 7:05 in the morning, are already chugging beers and are worried that the 24 pack they bought won’t be enough.”

Indeed. Check out the thread for all the fill-in-the-blank hilarity. 

Is golf still fun for short hitters?


An excellent discussion about the relative enjoyment of the game kicked off by 4thand11. Is golf more fun for longer hitters? He shares the story of a gentleman he often tees it up with who can’t hit it more than 150 off the tee. Is having to take, say, 4 shots to get to the green on a par four, having no chance of making par less fun than being able to pound if 350? Is it all about expectations?  Is golf even supposed to be fun?

Great talk. See the thread.

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  1. If you can hit a ball 150 yards straight off the tee and then follow up with another 150 yard fairway shot, you have the equivalent of a 300 yard drive. Another 150 yard drive will get you to most any par 4. A series of 150 yard drives, even teed up in the fairway is a legitimate way to play golf for short hitters. It even eliminates the need for most of the fairway woods and long irons from your game. A perfect solution to golf!