Walters: How To Play From The Rough (Part 3)


This is the third video from my new series, “How To Play.” It’s designed to help golfers play better shots from all areas on the course: from the tee to the green and everywhere in between.

Now that it’s Open Championship week, playing from the rough is a topic on every golfer’s mind. This is the final video of three on how to play from the rough looks at the options available to you when playing from shorter length grass or the first cut.


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Ged Walters is an internationally recognized golf instructor and ranked as a Top 25 Coach by Golf Monthly. His clients include all types of golfers, from beginners who have never picked up a club to elite amateurs and tour players.

Ged helps golfers from all over the world with his online lessons and YouTube channel, Ged Walters Golf, which includes the latest golf tips, equipment reviews and course vlogs.

Whether you're a complete beginner, a weekend golfer or a professional there's a video on Ged's YouTube page that will help you improve your understanding of the game so you can play better golf.


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  1. When you’re 200 from the green in the semirough and you know that you can’t reach the green, why hit 5 iron and risk a bad shot because you can’t give the ball enough spin with all that grass around? Risking an uncontrollable low shot with no spin that either goes nowhere or runs into greenside trouble. Why not hit 8 iron to the fairway? That leaves you a short pitch. Much more loft, much safer shot. You have to pitch on anyway.