3 Ways to Hit More Accurate Drives


In this video, we discuss three ways to help you hit more accurate drives off the tee.

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Piers and Andy provide a variety of video content for avid golf fans that reaches more than 180 countries. Essentially, Me and My Golf's social channels feature core instructional training tips and drills, as well as entertainment focused golf challenges, course Vlogs and trick shots.

Piers has spent more than 15 years helping golfers, delivering 35,000+ lessons. After years of learning from the best coaches around the world, he has developed a simple approach to help golfers improve. His greatest skill is understanding the needs of his students, which allows him to deliver “their best lesson."

Andy has spent the last 11 years coaching golf and has a passion for helping people improve. His dedication to improving his knowledge has taken him around the world, and he has learned his craft from some of the best coaches and players. Andy’s promise is to share his experiences to deliver first-class instruction


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  1. I find myself the opposite. If I tee the ball too far back it goes left. If I tee it too far forward it goes right…what do you think is the issue then? Probably initial setup and address of the ball?

    • Grip? Shoulder alignment? Hips? Feet? Is your left leading leg longer than the right? How much do you weigh? What shape is your body in? Do you swing in-to-out or over the top? So many things? Post a video of your swing so we can all examine it

      • i don’t think it can get that detailed in a comment, esp since we can’t post videos. It was more for the meandmygolf duo to answer. Because they’d probably be more in track with what may be different since they seemed to be able to generalize this current principle that they’re showing.

      • That’s what I always thought until watching this video. I think the combination of hitting down on the ball and hitting up on the ball while moving it forward and backward is a huge factor as well. They were manipulating more than one variable despite them mentioning only ball position as the primary method.

      • Yeah, his is more of what I’ve learned and experienced…they over generalized their suggestion that 3 ball positions combined with hitting up/down will make it easier to hit fairways. In actuality it may just simplify the shot choice for golfers, or introduce a shot choice for the first time, but I don’t think it will always guarantee fairways…