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Best Hybrid: Old or New


“I’ve currently got the Titleist 910h in 19* and 24* and I’m thinking about making a switch. The question is, to what?” writes Turfmantim. His question leads to an excellent discussion about the best hybrids in the short history of that particular club. See the thread.

“I Designed My Own Blades”


Herbygolf21 dedicated this superb thread to his effort to create his own blades. Here’s what he was going for.

  1. Minimal offset
    2. Thin “ish” top line
    3. Raw finish
    4. CG more towards toe than typical blades
    5. Heel relief throughout the set
    6. A sole that interacts in all types of turf and in dirt  

To see the results and what WRXers had to say, check out the thread.

Old-School Advantage?


Millhill88 writes:

Instead of buying something new again, I decide to go Old School. I went to the basement and pulled out equipment that performed well for me in the past. The results are Fabulous. I am scoring again the way I feel I should, and more importantly, I know what each club in my bag will do. Even though I have given up some yards, (especially off the tee), I’m more consistent than I have been in a long time.”

He wonders if any WRXers have had similar experiences—and they have. Great discussion. And note, this is a very liberal application of the “old” in old school. See the thread.

What Have You Bought in 2017?


Comparing purchases (and calculating the extremity of one’s own addiction to golf equipment) is one of the many fun elements of the GolfWRX forums. This thread by nicoy3k begins with his tally in a year when he “wasn’t going to buy anything.” Experience something similar? Join the discussion.

Tired of U.S. Opens on links-style courses?

f3e53f8afda81c58a16dd8d4e8cceefaBogeypro voices his objection to U.S. Opens being staged at links-style courses. Links courses are for the British Open, he suggests, and parkland-style courses ought to host the U.S. Open. A hot topic of discussion. See what WRXers think about his suggestion.

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  1. Ready to return to the traditional US Open courses. Lets use the links style courses for the British Open,where they belong! Also tired of the yelling “morons” Go to football games where you belong,Thanx Tiger,its part of what you brought to a gentlemens game.

  2. Yes and no. This erin hills while im sure is beautiful in real life doesnt translate to the screen. I thought chambers bay was amazing however. Ive never before and since wanted to watch every single shot to see how the best in the world handled chambers bay. it was beautiful with mountains, trains, etc. This tourney feels like a big field with wide fairways. its boring to watch. hit the fairway score well. hit the rough, chip out, bogey…..good score at chambers amazing to watch, good score at erin hills, ehhh…

  3. this style (Erin Hills) is fine. Theres plenty of contrast in venues. Next year the U S Open will be at a tree lined course and people will have negative talk on the venue also. It’s golf, played on a prairie , by an ocean or in a park, it’s golf. I’ll take it as it comes.

  4. I live in Ireland where we have true links courses. I belong to Enniscrone Golf Club which is a links courses. I’ve played a dozen or more links courses in Ireland.
    I learned to play golf as a caddie and played the 5 courses at Bethpage , NY. I find Erin Hills and Chambers Bay too contrived. Chopping down all the trees and letting the grass grow to knee length off the fairways is not links golf.
    Eddie Hackett, a great Irish course designer, was able to design some of the greatest courses here. His philosophy was to work with what nature gave you.
    The US has great golf course but the recent ones-USGA open- are terrible.