Why Brandel Chamblee’s Book Hit the Sweet Spot (Reason 3)


In my last video, I overviewed what the grip looks like to send a ball to a target in Brandel Chamblee’s book, The Anatomy of Greatness. The topic this week is dynamic posture, or a setup that allows golfers to be “ready to move” instead of one that leads golfers to “be still with the ball.”

In other sports like baseball, tennis, hockey and basketball, players are reacting to a situation that is in constant movement, which lets their instincts take over. In golf, the ball is waiting, so its players need to create a situation that is dynamic so they can react through the ball and out toward the flight to the target. Enjoy the video above!

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Shawn Clement is the Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and a class A PGA teaching professional. Shawn Clement was a 2011 and 2015 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year nominee and was also voted in the top 10 (tied with Martin Hall at No. 9) as most sought after teacher on the internet with 65 K subscribers on YouTube and 29 millions hits.


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  1. Awesome video Shawn! Really wish I could have seen this video before my last round…After a couple of two-way misses I started focusing on the ball and on impact and the wheels really came off. Every attempt to fix impact only made matters worse. Your description about the ball just sitting there and inviting us to be still with it as “The Trap” was spot on! It is amazing just how easy it is for my attention to be drawn back to the ball instead of focusing on the desired trajectory out to the real target. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. Almost 12 minutes of endless blathering that could be done in 5 minutes of clear and succinct instruction and not all that meandering about Nicklaus et al, and images that have no connection to the golfswing.
    All these old dog ‘teachers’ are at their wit’s end trying to change a goofy golfswing embedded in their students unconscious mine…. and generally failing miserably… and they know it too.
    My suggestion: Ask the golfer-in-distress to look at himself in the mirror, naked, and then ask himself the question “Is that an athletic golf body?”. And then ask them “are you prepared to condition yourself and practice diligently?” You know the answer “just give me a tip”.
    Most who attempt to play golf are decrepit, out-of-shape non-athletic crud … plain and simple. Try to teach that to somebody who has no control over their movements.
    Just make them happy by telling them they need a new set of “fitted” golf clubs and they will see a 100% change… and they will believe it!

    • Wow, who urinated in your cereal this morning observant? That is a lot of anger man…you did last the whole 12 minutes and you endured all that drivel? Glutton for punishment you are! BTW, that is a very attribute to have for your golf game! ????????

      • I stand by my comment, and you should stick to the subject you are lecturing on…. instead of going off on irrelevant tangents.
        BTW, in you Reason Two video, never use a “hammer” analogy for any part of the golfswing because there is no kinetic hammer action in a proper golfswing… which also reveals your lack of knowledge of Newtonian physics as it applies to the golfswing. Knowledge of anatomy without scientific knowledge of kinesthetics just reveals your shortcomings.
        So many New Age ‘teachers’ attempting to explain the scientific golfswing without a fundamental understanding of Dynamics & Statics is comical. Sorry for disturbing you.

        • Argh, it pains me to say this, but I agree that the hammer analogy is incorrect and leads golfers down the wrong path.

          But since you are a prolific poster, why not explain your understanding rather than just running your mouth.

          • Reread my many comments because it explains my understanding of motor learning and the differences between the conscious and unconscious states of mind for the golfswing movements. I dare not get into the intricacies of Newtonian Physics because that would blind everybody here. Just believe me ….
            I’m also yanking everybody here into the world of reality …. Most ‘golfers’ are pathetic creatures who are endlessly seeking that magic golf tip that will solve their slicing problem… without practice …. and the golf industry scamming these deplorables out of their money …. (a fool and his money are soon parted) … sooo obvious …..

      • Don’t get annoyed with Observant Shawn, He’s just an angry guy who thinks he knows what he is talking about. We all just laugh at his comments. You know that one crazy, wacky conspiracy theory guy we all know in our personal lives. Observant is the Golfwrx one. You can’t argue with someone who thinks he knows it all. So we don’t even bother anymore. We just sit by and watch him. He’s the train wreck we can’t take our eyes off of.

        • ooh ooffa …. you may be a club-loving gearhead and a touchy-feeely golfswing narcissist …. but when it comes to scientific golf explanations your eyes glaze over and you withdraw angrily into your techno-peasant box.
          What I find objectionable is all the fine golfer instructors attempting to use scientific terminology when all they are is trackman jockeys trying to make sense of the numbers. Your sensitivity to your ignorance is … comical ….lol

      • Hm. I’ll bet you (Shawn) would welcome a match between top-5 students from yourself versus Observant. I would.

        Which is not to say _nothing_ he says is right. Some of it is. It’s just that there is this militant “all old-school instruction is ignorant and medieval, and everything you can hook up to a video screen and a computer is better” kind of thing going on. That said, it _is_ true that some older ideas need some updating and some flexibility. It’s just that on another thread, when he went off on the poor instruction that hacker Nicklaus got from his know-nothing teacher Grout, I couldn’t really go on with the conversation because I couldn’t recover from rolling around on the floor laughing.