Understanding the Left Wrist Position at the Top of the Golf Swing


In this video, I discuss the left-wrist position at the top of the golf swing (the lead wrist for a right-handed golfer). Watch the video to learn how to match your left-wrist position to your grip type and ball flight.

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  1. Personally I think wrist position at that point is mostly placebo. It’s telling you where you finish your backswing, but if you return it before contact, it is a zero sum. It’s hard to even think of twisting your wrist at impact, much less have it give any major difference. What it DOES do is indicate is whether you’re in a position that will likely be over-the-top, or a sweeping duck. This is akin to guys that work on finish. It’s important in the context that good balance at the end is a good indicator of what happened before, but the ball don’t care after .004 after contact.

  2. You have to sit down and make a decision are you going to square the club face with the arms and hands or are you going to square the face with the body motion or for the really great hand eye coordinated few both.

  3. Have a read of this thread form the forums – started by iTeach


    “Should a golfer have a cupped, bowed, or flat left wrist position at the top of swing? The answer is it doesn’t matter.

    Now that’s not 100 percent true, but I will explain why you shouldn’t be paying attention to the left wrist at the top of the swing (for a right handed golfer). If you look at the best players in the world, you will see some large variations in left wrist positions at the top of the swing. This is because they all have different grips. So you ask, “If we aren’t supposed to pay attention to the left wrist at the top of the swing, what are we supposed to be working toward?”

    When we get into wrist conditions at the top of the swing, we can keep it simple by looking at the right wrist. In order to have a forward leaning shaft at impact and take a divot after the ball the right wrist must be bent backwards….”

    “Most people feel the bowed left wrist is very strange feeling and therefore the most comfortable grip for most to get right wrist bent would be a strong left with neutral right hand. This places right wrist bend and the cocking of the left wrist on the same plane, so bend right wrist cocks the left wrist. Feels simpler for most people ” <— this means a weaker right hand grip than left hand… as below
    Adam Scott pic on post # 74 from that thread

  4. Strong grip = cupped wrist = slice???????This is something new because usually it is hookers grip!
    Weak grip = flat wrist = hook????????????
    There must be something more to it