Tech Tuesday: Let’s Talk About Expensive Golf Clubs!


In this video, Rick and I look at the recent surge in super-expensive golf clubs and the premium golf ball market.

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  1. I havent posted a full review on the epic club yet, but i did get to hit a sample on GC2 in a local golf galaxy.

    I’ll let the results speak for them selves, I took 4 swings a piece with a stock Epic (non pro version) and 4 swings with a stock Apex, both were the stock stiff shaft, standard specs.

    Here’s the photo I took of the screen…

    Can you guess which ones are with the Epic and which ones are with the Apex? I doubt it. Also keep in mind, if the distances seem a lil high for the “clubhead speed”, which was calculated cause the unit did not have HMT, its probably because I live at altitude and the store probably had the GC2 set up to acct for that.

    Granted this is a really small sample, but in my limited testing there was no noticeable difference in ball flight performance. But if you feel like shelling out 2x-3x more for a set and it makes you happy go for it…but if it were my choice i’d get the apex set or whatever other pretty premium set you want and spend the extra 1500-2000 dollars on lessons or on a bucket list golf course weekend.

  2. Loved the video. With the new fad of 2-3 thousand dollar sets of clubs I’m afraid the $100 dz premium golf ball is not far behind. There will always be a niche in the market for ultra priced golf stuff. Build it, price it high, and they will come

  3. “Tech Tuesday: Let’s Talk About Expensive Golf Clubs”.

    Let’s not, and say we did. You wonder why the sport is fizzeling out along with club manufacturers?

    The Price Tag!

  4. A good comparable with golf is racing bicycles. Once you get to a certain level of equipment, say a $1500-$2000 Giant or Trek road bike featuring a manufactured in Taiwan carbon fibre frame, carbon wheels and Shimano 105 or Ultegra components, the weight and performance will be effectively as good as a pro level bike costing $10,000 USD more. So, what do you see middle aged men who’ve never competitively raced a bicycle, buying and showing off down at the cafe? You guessed it, the mega pricey pro bike.

    • The bicycle example is a good one. But the more expensive bike is still objectively better, even if just infinitesimally so (probably 100 grams lighter or whatever). I’ve yet to see any objective evidence that (insert expensive brand here) irons are better than (insert mainstream brand here) irons.

      How about diamonds? A diamond from a guy on 47th street in Manhattan is going to cost a lot less than the identical diamond from Tiffany’s. They can be objectively identical in terms of karats, color, clarity, etc. But the Tiffany one comes in that nice turquoise colored packaging with that giant Tiffany’s logo on it.

      Tiffany’s makes a lot of money selling diamonds….