Should You Maintain Your Spine Angle in the Golf Swing?


In today’s Impact Show, we discuss a topic that has plenty of differing opinions. We wanted to make our take known on the subject of maintaining your spine angle in the golf swing.

In the video, we talk about how we represent losing spine angle from a two-dimensional video perspective, and also what happens from a three-dimensional perspective. We know this video is going to promote some discussion, so please get involved. As always, we are aiming to keep our thoughts as simple as possible on this subject.

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  1. PEOPLE ….. IT’S NOT A “SPINE ANGLE”…. IT’S A TORSO ANGLE FROM YOUR HIPS TO YOUR SHOULDERS …. because you cannot sense your “spine” nor your “torso” during a golfswing.
    What you can sense and control consciously during practice is your hip and knee flex angles and that’s what you must concentrate on in your swing if you want to maintain your upper body angles.

  2. My experience is that most players, including me , lose spine angle on the down swing, not on backswing. It’s called early extension. It ruins your ball striking. Sometimes those who misunderstand this concept try to maintain spine angle after impact, which only hurts your back and does nothing for your shot making.

    • That’s because you are unflexing, extending, you knee and hip joints in the downswing. You may sink into the backswing but you are going erect in the downswing… perhaps it’s an “axing” instinct that causes you to rise up as your club axes downwards.
      Try this in the rough where the grass may be a couple of inches/centimeters high and don’t drop down on your backswing…. and then drop down in the down swing and flexing your knees, hips and ankle joints…. and consciously sense your feelings. Of course you should only skim your club through the grass. This counter-intuitive swing reaction will give you the sensation of holding the flex in your hips and maintaining your spin/torso angle.
      Tell us what happens in your sensations.

  3. I honestly try to watch new videos when “Me and My Golf” put them on Golfwrx but these guys are just to annoying. Guess I’ll wait for someone else to address this aspect of the swing.

  4. It’s an initial static “body” angle, and it’s superficial analysis which is appropriate.
    However, once you start moving it becomes multiple dynamic “spinal” orientations and the vertebrae in each of the sections of the spine, sacral, lumbar, thoracic, cervical, rotate and flex differently.
    Is anybody aware of a study that tracks the angles and movements of the vertebrae in the golf swing?