The Jupiter Police Department has released dashcam footage from Tiger Woods’ field sobriety test and DUI arrest on Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida. Watch the full video below.

According to police reports, Woods was found asleep on the side of the road in a black 2015 Mercedes at 2:03 a.m. on Monday morning. He took breathalyzer tests at 4:28 a.m. and 4:31 a.m., both of which resulted in “.000″ readings. Four drugs were listed in the reports, including Solarex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx, although it said Vioxx was “not taken this year.”

Woods’ vehicle was also found to have flat tires on the front and rear wheels on the driver’s side, and what was reported as “minor damage to both respective rims.”

On Monday evening, Woods issued a statement saying “alcohol was not involved” and that it was “an unexpected reaction to prescription medications.”

A full timeline of reports on Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest and apology.

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  1. Let be honest, had this been John Daily, all of you hypocrites defending Tiger would be sayin far worse and NONE of you would be defending him.
    He broke the law, now he has to pay, period.

  2. I have a high regard on Tiger Woods as I am his avid fan golfer.

    I knew he is in his lowest in life, and would be happy if Tiger can read this.

    Just be yourself idol, nobody is indispensable in this world – only our God, the Creator.
    I pray that you will be able to rise again inspite of the trials you are facing right now. Please consider your kids, your family and others who cares for you. It’s not yet the end Tiger, I know you can still make a good come back in the game we all love most – GOLF!

    Swing it up again Tiger, show your wits.

    Good luck and God Bless!

    Your avid fan golfer,

    General Santos City

  3. What I want to know is what happened to Woods when the cops released him. No one reported that. Did he walk home? Take a cab? Get picked up by someone or get a ride home in a cruiser?

  4. I don’t have a problem with WRX running with the story, it can’t be hidden and the film is all over the net. What is evident is that Tiger is abusing his medication and he is lucky he didn’t kill himself or others. I hope that they suspend his license for awhile, he obviously doesn’t know when enough is too much.

    As far as him having a special card for gambling, whats the big deal. He is grown and can spend his money any way he wants.

    • I hate to say it but IMHO, this site over the last year or so is really heading in the wrong direction. I understand this is news but it’s trashy click bait.

      Plus add all the front page articles, that are just basically company advertisements nows. It’s really, really sad to see. This place used to be “the spot” for all new club info, tour only clubs, and real reviews. But now it seems money has killed the integrity. It seems this site is just turning into a GD and GD “Hot List”….

      I know this is the direction it’s heading and it’s really sad…..

  5. Really sad to se this happen to anyone. These not many who can say they have never driven under the influence be it one beer or a “smoke” who are we to judge. It happened, nobody got hurt, let’s move on and hope tiger can make it back soon, we need tiger back to either see him win again or see how big a gap is there between tiger at his best after back surgery and the top guys at present, Rory Dustin etc

  6. So… he blew “000”, no sign of illicit drugs involved, yet he’s acting this way and an ambulance is NOT called? What if this was someone experiencing a diabetic (low blood sugar) episode?? I’m sure this is going to be an unpopular thought, but police could have done more here.

  7. i dont look at this video and think anything other than the police officer did his job and you can see that tiger was seriously impaired and very dangerous behind the wheel. being arrested was the right thing, whether it was an accident or not.

    I completely buy that it could have been a reaction to drugs but that statement alone does not make all this go away. i watched my mother in law take an ambien, wake up and eat ice cream out of the tub with a slotted spoon and get it all over herself and not remember any of it the next day.

  8. Click bait. That’s what this has turned into. You see a small piece of the situation and it’s automatically assumed he has gone to the dogs. Real fine journalism. If you’ve ever had an Ambien then you’ll know that it can be a bazaar experience. If you by chance add anything to it like pain meds, there’s no telling what might take place. It’s curious to me that he was heading away from his home, dressed like he might have rolled out of bed and put on what was closest. Who’s to say that he didn’t do exactly as the doctor prescribed and woke up in one of those Ambien fogs that I’ve heard can happen. In the meantime, by public opinion and articles like this, HE”S GUILTY AND THE SCOURGE OF THE GOLF WORLD!!!!!! Geez!!!!

  9. Never pleasant to watch when idols take a tumble. Bottom line: this isn’t a crisis. Guy made a questionable decision to drive impaired, no one got injured. No booze involved so that’s a plus. Maybe he did have a medical reaction, and as I’m sure he can afford the best attorneys possible, don’t be surprised if he gets off with a reduced sentence or dismissal. We do that for first time offenders everywhere. Jupiter police were probably salivating over this one. Says a lot about what they are not. In small towns everywhere across the country, local PD typically know everyone. They could have just as easily helped him get home safe and sound with a stern warning – especially since they knew alcohol wasn’t involved. They probably would have done that for a ‘local’. Agree that releasing this footage is wildly inappropriate. Regardless of whether it is considered public access, they are not required to release it unless requested to formally. Bad choices by all involved.

  10. Don’t know why everyone is hammering WRX. Woods is the biggest name in golf and this is a huge story. Not covering it would be wrong and look like they were part of the coverup. WRX didn’t work to procure this video. It was released by the police. It is public information.

    • Exactly. I don’t think the video should have been released by the police, however, they sort of had to in order to ensure transparency of the events that unfolded. I do think he should have been apprehended, but I also think they should have taken him to an Emergency Room to ensure his health and well being. Once that was complete, if they still felt the need, then they could have arrested him at the hospital. Jail may or may not have been the right option under the law, but it should have been the second stop for the night/morning.

      Also, yes, WRX has to cover this because he’s the biggest star in the game, just as they covered the incidents with Robert Allenby and Steven Bowditch and any other incident a golfer or high profile media member may be involved in. There’s no opinion presented in this article or the others on the incident, just the facts as they have unfolded.

  11. Had a co-worker last week take a Ambian on accident with some of his other meds…..He woke up at 0230 pulled fire alarms, walked outside was beating the door with a mallet. Carried on full conversations with us…..come morning had no clue of what transpired the knight before. Tiger doesnt look as if hes dressed to go anywhere……I think he might have been having a similar experience

  12. Golfwrx has really gone down hill. Really feels like some women’s gossip magazine at the end of the aisle, every freaking morning. Really bad taste in posting this. “He could have killed someone” well, he didn’t. He needs some help. If you’ve never had back spasms or on meds for it, you’ll never know the state of mind they put you in, regardless of your financial status. Golfwrx, see ya, and all the self righteous that want to hammer the first nail in the stake. Pathetic, ever since you’ve swarmed with sponsorship you’ve turned into a joke.

    • Let’s be clear on a few issues here. Reports do indicate that Tiger blew 000’s on the breathalyser. Fine. Yes, he is most likely on prescription pain killers following his recent surgery. The assumption I’m seeing from people is that they think that he was just a little loopy from his meds. On the police report it says that he submitted to a urine test. There are no results yet from that. I will be interested to see what information is gleaned from that test. Did he severely over medicate himself? Other drugs, perhaps? And as far as reporting this story so heavily, remember that this is Golfwrx. They report on all things golf. This is their wheelhouse. It’s like telling CNN not to report news about Trump’s antics.

  13. These WRX items about Tiger’s latest encounter have me feeling like I’m reading the National Enquirer. I don’t know what combination of meds he was on, but when I was on Vicodin several years ago, I felt outside myself and (driving when I shouldn’t have) nearly took out a row of mailboxes. True, he shouldn’t have been driving. But now that this story has been playing for awhile, I think we can back off and move on.

    It’s a PR setback, sure, but outside of bail, I don’t think his lawyers are tap dancing. It is what it is.

    He wasn’t drunk. He wasn’t found in bed with a dead girl (or a live boy). Let the guy move on.

  14. The officer indicated he could smell alcohol on Tiger’s breath. Talk about jumping to conclusions. I like the part where Tiger says he likes to “drive”. I think he likes to putt, too.

    • What in that video screams for any need of medical attention? He couldn’t tie his laces. He didn’t know where he was, how he got there or where he was going. He failed every sobriety test because he was dangerously impaired. Maybe not alcohol but something just as dangerous to the lives of the public. There is no visible evidence of a medical crisis of any kind. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… actually, if it tips over like an inebriated duck and slurs like an inebriated duck, then it’s probably a very drunk duck. If someone in that state told me they were not drunk my next move is not going to be to ask them if they would like me to call them an ambulance. I’m thinking that you only now have this opinion after knowing that he brew 000’s before watching the video. Not having known this, what then would your opinion of the video be? Every bit of his behavior says intoxicated, not medical emergency. And as far as the officers treatment goes; it doesn’t get more professional. This video is going to be used as a training video for police departments, no doubt. The police did well in this case.