The 5 Biggest Mistakes Golfers Make


Hi there, GolfWRXers. It’s time for another Impact Show.

Today, we wanted to talk about the 5 biggest mistakes that beginner golfers make, but don’t think that you only need to watch this video if you’re just starting the game. We see all 5 of these faults among experienced golfers as well. In this video, we show you these faults starting with the grip and then moving through the backswing and downswing. It’s amazing how many times we discuss these problems and poor concepts with golfers.

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  1. You can’t be farther from reality.
    1. Try using standard size grips and you won’t need to hold it with a baseball grip and the thinner grip won’t let you. Get it more in the fingers of the right hand and you’ll see you’ve been holding it wrong your whole life. Look at Elk’s video about getting it on the first joint of the fingers of the right hand and then wrap that hand on to fit. You’re already mix-gripping when you change your grip for the putter. Like Arnold Palmer’s advice = don’t you change the grip!
    2. Taking it straight back does not create slices. Your question about reaching back is wrong – what if your body type doesn’t allow you to do that move? Look at Pavin, then Stadler. You can’t get farther apart than that.
    3. Whose force plate are we talking about? Once again this will depend on body type and weight. And what kind of clubs was the force plate subject using? Ladies flex? or Extra heavy clubs like Sergio’s with 30gram counter weight? What kind of shot was the force plate person hitting?
    4. All you have to do is look at Sam Snead and how he was able to keep his head in the same box area and no dipping, just twisting a bit from right to left but kept it all in the same level.
    5. Change the ball position and everything else will have to change, including the way the clubs is held because now you’ve changes the shot shape and launch. Not just about tilting it this way or that way, once again, how are you holding the club? More than likely in either case you’re describing, you had better be forward-leaning with shaft than not, so that will detect how you hold the club, and at what part of your body you’re going to lean the shaft and how much.

    • You seem to be responding to me as if I was the author of the 5 Biggest Mistakes…. I’m not, it’s my interpretation of the Me and My Golf video and all I’m doing is asking the “Questions” of Piers and Andy to their 5 Biggest Mistakes. Your comments are interesting but not valid for the video. Try again.
      p.s. Your references to Elk, Palmer, Pavin, Stadler, Snead, Sergio…. and then your comment depending on “body type” (The LAWs of Golf Swing – Adams, Tomasi, Suttie ?) seems contradictory since you don’t refer to the body types of the pro golfers mentioned. I don’t copy pro golfers in my golf swing because imitation is usually fatal…. physically and mentally.

  2. 6th mistake would be paying to belong to the Golf Now VIP program…have you noticed that now you must book 3 days in advance with the hot deals to use the $10 rewards they let you earn??? Funny how they lower the prices as much as $10 or more last minute if you wait anyway….

  3. 5 Biggest Mistakes…. seriatim:
    1– Hand grip… avoid over-stressed interlock grip. Baseball or overlap are better. I use overlap for long clubs and baseball for short irons and wedges because the driver swing whip-snaps while the wedge swing sweeps down; not chops. I use mid-size grips with extra wraps under the low hand.
    Question – Why should the hand grip be tighter together as with interlock and overlap for all clubs? Why not mix gripping?
    2– Backswing takeaway should not be ‘straight’ back because this creates huge slices. A too vertical takeaway is also problematic. Just let the clubhead follow a normal backswing arc created by shoulder rotation.
    Question — But doesn’t ‘reaching back’ to create a greater arc for a longer swing ‘lever’ tend to induce going straight back? Is this lever length for more ‘power’ concept misleading?
    3– Erroneous concept of ‘solid impact’. Attempting to get ‘under’ the ball at impact to lift the ball may cause you to stay on your back leg and a reverse pivot. Shift to the lead foot to create a low point at or ahead of the ball for irons (and behind for driver).
    Question – Force Plate GRFs will show a Center of Pressure track not going forward. Will this image reinforce what must be done, and felt?
    4 — Forcing to keep the head “still” is problematic. Video evidence shows the head shifting on the level through the proper swing. This release of the head mass will allow effective shoulder rotation.
    Question – Should the head mass also dip downwards slightly in the backswing and return to normal through impact?
    5 — Ball position address perspective. Tilting towards the ball at address will tilt the spine forward and resulting in downward AofA . A reverse K-shape at address with spine tilted back and looking at back of ball is better.
    Question – A forward spinal tilt will result in more weight on the lead foot at address which is not good for the driver swing, but okay for the short irons and wedge swing. Conversely, a backward spinal tilt will settle more weight on the back leg which is good for the driver swing, and provided you don’t regress into Mistake #3. How do you reconcile these differences for different clubs?
    p.s. Piers does not lift his left heel off the ground in the backswing – why?

    Trust I got it okay …. and great video….!