Think About Pressure To Improve Your Ballstriking


When looking to generate power, weight transfer can be high on the list of essentials in the golf swing. It can, however, lead to all kinds of issues with your strike. In this video, I present an an alternate way of thinking about pressure in the swing that will improve your strike.

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  1. Excellent visualization and sensation of GRFs (Ground Reaction Forces) ….. as ‘pressure’ underfoot.
    Yes, that’s what you may consciously feel but if you want to incorporate that ‘feel’ into your unconscious golfswing you must first practice without a golf club… perhaps swinging a baseball bat or even a 15 inch, 1 inch diameter cold rolled steel rod you can purchase from a local retail metals store.
    Take the steel rod to a local auto shop and they will gladly chamfer off the edges on their bench grinder even for free …. and then swing away but slowly and concentrating on foot pressure, leg and hip action. A thousand swing to create an imprint in your neuro-muscular system … 10 times daily for 100 days should do it. And don’t complicate/confuse the motor learning process with a golf club in hand. Cheers….