The Amazing Things a Volleyball Can Do for Your Golf Game


Every golfer has seen an impact bag, and most of have probably trained with one. There’s no question that it works. What I’ve found in my teaching, however, is that a volleyball is a much better and cheaper golf training aid. It offers several additional benefits:

  • It can test your grip.
  • It can improve your driving.
  • It can increase your smash factor (substantially).
  • It can improve your ability to find the target and visualize trajectory.
  • It can improve your ability to predict contact and distance to ball.

It’s just amazing how a $10 training aid that you can buy at any sporting good store can do so much for your golf game. Watch the video to see how and why I use a volleyball to help golfers improve their game. 

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Shawn Clement is the Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and a class A PGA teaching professional. Shawn Clement was a 2011 and 2015 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year nominee and was also voted in the top 10 (tied with Martin Hall at No. 9) as most sought after teacher on the internet with 65 K subscribers on YouTube and 29 millions hits.


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  1. Cautionary Note ….. I would suggest a nerf ball or one of those very light weight beach balls the size of the volleyball… the ones sold at Walmart …. because somebody with a slower swing speed will not be able to depress the “80%” inflated volleyball and that will send a deadly shock wave up and into the left/lead arm with the forces resolving either in the wrist or elbow joints.
    Hitting the ball on the clubhead “sweet spot” is not the same as the Center of Percussion of the golf club, which is found about 12 inches above the sweet spot and on the club shaft for a club at rest. The CofP is where you get the most efficient transfer of forces from a swinging device like a hammer.
    Okay, you say…. but why does the clubhead sweet spot work so well against the golf ball? It works well only if your swing speed causes the shaft tip to “whip-snap” thus momentarily isolating the clubhead from the shaft. IOW, the clubhead dynamically “separates” itself from the shaft thus creating an independent club head CofP “sweet spot” at impact.
    Slow swinger will experience a shock wave travelling up the golf shaft, particularly if they use too stiff shafts and are unable to whip-snap the clubhead into the volleyball all because their CofP is well above the clubhead. Simple science …. or, the momentum exchange between the volleyball and slow stiff club is not only inefficient, it can be somewhat dangerous for duffers and hackers … believe it …..!!!!