One of the most difficult shots in golf is the 3-wood “off the deck.” No matter what your level of play, it can be difficult at times to hit a fairway wood high enough and consistently enough to make it a reliable weapon on the course

With this in mind, Graphite Design has created a new line of Tour AD F-Series fairway wood shafts ($300 each) that can help golfers improve their fairway wood play. The shafts have a mid-spin design, and their construction includes a stiff butt section that’s paired with a medium-stiff mid section and a softer tip section. The soft tip will help golfers create more launch and spin at impact — meaning more forgiveness for many — while the medium-stiff mid section and stiffer butt end will help stabilize the shaft throughout the swing.

The shafts have a similar look to Graphite Design’s recently launched Tour AD-TP shafts, with the same black-gold-and-white color schemes. Like the Tour AD-TP shafts, the Tour AD F-Series fairway wood shafts are made in Japan using high-modulus, premium-aerospace carbon fiber. The Tour AD F-Series uses 40-ton carbon fiber, however, instead of the 50-ton that’s used in the Tour AD TP shafts. According to Bill McPherson, VP of Sales at Pro Choice Golf Shafts, the different material results in slightly higher torque, which is necessary to help golfers create optimal height when hitting fairway woods from the turf, and may help the golfer make better contact.

When deciding on a fairway wood shafts to your driver shaft, McPherson recommends that golfers choose a model that’s heavier than their driver shaft by roughly 10 grams. So if you’re playing a 65-gram driver shaft, a 75-gram fairway wood shaft will likely create the best results.

Graphite Design’s new Tour AD F-Series shafts will become available through authorized Graphite Design dealers on June 1, and are currently available for pre-order.


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.01.31 AM

Since the F-Series shafts are intended only for use in fairway woods, the stock lengths are 44 inches, two inches shorter than its driver-specific shafts.

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  1. $300 for a fairway wood shaft? It may be the difference between hitting the ball solidly or the big old slice. You need a good quality shaft if you wish to play well. Once you hit the Graphite design Tour AD models you will understand. Also the correct shaft for the swing you own.

    • A $300 fairway wood shaft is no different from most of the stock offerings or at least a $100 upcharge. Coming from someone with a graphite design shaft(AD-TP) yes I like the feel more but I get the same numbers with a Fujikura 74 tour spec