Jacobs: You Already Have Enough Speed


Most golfers do not realize they have just as much, if not MORE hand speed than a tour player. So why doesn’t it translate to more club head speed? I explain in this video.

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Michael Jacobs is the Director of Instruction at X Golf School and the owner of Jacobs 3D. He is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, and the 2012 Metropolitan Section PGA Teacher of the Year.

Jacobs is also the author of two books and the only golf professional to ever design his own golf research software program.


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  1. Would’ve been better without the background distraction that didn’t line up with anything he was talking about other than showing some swings. Would’ve been better if the speaker was more visible.

    True the concept that he’s explaining is rather over complicating the simple, which everyone has explained already.

    What needs to happen FIRST, is to determine how much lag you currently have in your swing and when you release. Once you have that baseline, THEN you can determine if you need more lag or need to release sooner.

    The worst part about any video on golfWRX is when they don’t establish a proper reference point or baseline. It’s like telling me the weather is sunny out, it’s a great time to play golf, but then you don’t tell me where you’re at…because I look out my window and see that it’s downpour.

  2. tl:dw
    cast too early = bad, lag too long = bad
    lag but make sure you don’t lag too long.
    cast but make sure you don’t cast too early.
    just make sure you lag and cast the right time and amount and you’re set!!