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GolfTEC partners with True Spec to expand custom-fitting options amid expansion



GolfTEC has partnered with True Spec Golf as part of its efforts at expansion and innovation. Amid an overall brand refresh and updates to existing centers, the leader in golf lessons is bringing True Spec in as a fulfillment partner, massively upgrading the company’s fitting capabilities and making GolfTEC one of the premium custom-club fitters in the world.

The company will carry out updates to 30 locations in the first half of 2017, and the rest of the 190 by the end of 2018.

“Our growth trajectory is unmatched in the industry because we’ve always stayed true to our mission to help people play better golf,” said Joe Assell, Co-Founder and CEO of GolfTEC. “We took our recent success as an opportunity to move even further ahead and we’re not slowing down.”

Assell told us the company it coming off “the strongest year in the history of GolfTEC by far” by all metrics. However, “there’s a big but” in discussing the success.

The “but”: With Golfsmith’s bankruptcy last September, GolfTEC lost 50 locations. “We were in 81 Golfsmiths…30 locations are staying open,” Assell said.“That triggered a lot of work for us, but we’re able to handle this”

The timing of the Golfsmith closures may actually work in GolfTEC’s favor in the long run. “If Golfsmith had gone under a year ago,” we would have built 35 GolfTECs the old way,” Assell said, referencing the updated locations.


With respect to those updates, GolfTEC is focusing on four key areas.

Brand Refresh and Updated Logo: Pretty self explanatory, GolfTEC has updated its logo and brand materials.

New In-Center Design: “We want to be people’s club away from their club or course,” Assell told us. The new locations are designed for “total golf immersion,” offering students new amenities, game-improvement products and services, an extensive digital experience and comfortable furniture in common areas.

New In-bay Technology: All new, state-of-the-art cameras and lighting provide enhanced high-resolution video for both in-bay playback during lessons and online viewing post-session. The cameras are custom-made for GolfTEC and integrate with the company’s updated and proprietary motion-measurement TECswing system. Current locations will be retrofitted with the cameras throughout 2017 and 2018.

Enhanced Club Fitting: Of particular interest to GolfWRX readers, GolfTEC has joined with True Spec as a fulfillment partner for their expanded club fitting. Previously, GolfTEC had been limited to manufacturer-provided fitting carts.

“The consumer is going toward custom-fit,” Assell said. “We want to offer a better experience and a better fit beyond the 20-30 shafts that are offered by the OEM. There are hundreds of shafts out there. We want to be able to offer the full variety, just like a Tour player has access to. The same with heads.”


We also spoke with True Spec Golf CEO Hoyt McGarity. McGarity told us golfers are becoming more aware of club fitting and more tech savvy in general. Club fitting has been portrayed as something you do in 10 minutes at a big box store, but that perception is changing. Now, “people want to know why they’re buying this equipment.”

Breaking down the partnership, McGarity said, “We’re their warehouse, their shipping. We do the fulfillment. We aren’t training the fitters. It’s not called True Spec; we’re more of a support system for them.”

Thus, it’s important to note that True Spec remains committed to its own brand, planning to open 10-20 locations in the next 2.5 years.

“We want to have a part in how people are being fit for golf clubs, but to also grows True Spec,” McGarity told us amid a company relocation to Scottsdale, Arizona.

We’ll follow the brand refresh and the substantial uptick in the availability of top-quality throughout 2017.

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  1. Pete

    May 5, 2017 at 7:09 am

    How much is a driver fitting at True Spec?

  2. The Director

    May 4, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Actually, GOLFTEC uses a proprietary body motion analysis system built by Polhemus. This system tracks the entire motion of the torso and is accurate to the 1/10th of an inch and the 1/10 of a degree. This is more accurate than Kvest.

    • George

      May 4, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      you are right i forgot they have that vest thing. But besides that they need the new tracking systems

  3. George

    May 4, 2017 at 10:55 am

    For a company called Golftec they are getting pretty behind in the Tec side. All they have is video and GC2. They dont even have the HMT. They also dont have a sam putt lab, K vest. They were once a tec company but now this stuff is out dated. Well good thing they are expanding on the fitting side (sigh).

    • H

      May 4, 2017 at 12:42 pm

      Well you just reminded them what they now need and are going to be doing, didn’tcha? This is going to be a great thing for both companies, and for golf.

  4. Dat

    May 4, 2017 at 8:53 am

    How much is this “fitting” going to cost their average sucker? $2000 like everything else in GolfTec?

    • Tom1

      May 4, 2017 at 12:38 pm

      ? ya Debbie Downer

      • Dat

        May 4, 2017 at 5:44 pm

        you can go to golftec and blow as much money as you please. I will seek private instruction from a qualified pro and get my clubs on the BST.

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Opinion & Analysis

Rafael Campos proud of his resurgent homeland and Puerto Rico Open



Rafael “Rafa” Campos is smiling broadly while shaking hands and chatting with well-wishers as he hits balls on the practice range here at Coco Beach. He’s here at the 36-hole golf club hard on the ocean near historic San Juan preparing for this week’s Puerto Rico Open, a PGA Tour event.

The sun is shining and palm trees are swaying beneath clear blue skies as Campos gets ready to play in the week’s pro-am, and he seems as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. A native of the island, he was a event winner in January – and the prospect of playing well at home has him particularly motivated.

“I’ve done really well here in the past, and I truly believe I can win this tournament if I play well,” said Campos. “Winning on the was huge for me. I’ve been playing nine years as a golf professional and I was starting to wonder if I would break through. Doing so is the best feeling in the world, a special feeling that makes you hungry to win every week.”

Winning the Puerto Rico Open would catapult Campos into the next echelon, that of a PGA Tour event winner, and all that comes with it. But it would also mean a lot to the island.

“It’s an honor to play in a tournament that showcases our island’s beauty and our courses,” said Campos. “Our island is about 100 miles long and 30 miles wide, so people are shocked when I tell them we have twenty-something courses. It’s so important that we get the word out about our great golf courses. You look at them and the perfect shape they’re in and you’d never know we had a devastating storm. While it was extremely difficult for us, we’re so much better now and the golf is perfect.”

Other members of the Puerto Rico Open field echoed Campos’ sentiments.

“Being here and seeing how well the course looks and plays, it’s hard to imagine all this place went through with Hurricane Maria,” said Martin Piller about Coco Beach Resort & Golf Club. “It feels good to be part of the tournament as it returns to the island.”

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez is playing in the Puerto Rico Open pro-am. The island native and recent inductee into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame was instrumental in helping raise funds to aid island recovery following the storm. The Puerto Rico Open was postponed last year as the island worked to recuperate, so Rodriquez, Campos, and other high-profile Puerto Ricans teamed with and the PGA Tour to hold a benefit event instead.

“It is so gratifying to have the tournament here again,” said Rodriguez. “We never stopped working and believing that we would come back better than ever.”

What would it mean to win the Puerto Rico Open? Campos mulls the question for a moment.

“It would mean everything,” he said. “It would mean we won, the Puerto Rican people. We are a proud people, and to win here and share it with family and friends, that would be the best thing ever.”

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Hidden Gem of the Day: Cape Arundel Golf Club in Kennebunkport, Maine



These aren’t the traditional “top-100” golf courses in America, or the ultra-private golf clubs you can’t get onto. These are the hidden gems; they’re accessible to the public, they cost less than $50, but they’re unique, beautiful and fun to play in their own right. We recently asked our GolfWRX Members to help us find these “hidden gems.” We’re treating this as a bucket list of golf courses to play across the country, and the world. If you have a personal favorite hidden gem, submit it here!

Today’s Hidden Gem of the Day was submitted by GolfWRX member gvogel, who takes us to Cape Arundel Golf Club in Kennebunkport, Maine. A Walter Travis designed course, Cape Arundel is a short links-style track, and gvogel has a good rationale as to why this place is well worth a visit.

“Cape Arundel in Kennebunkport ME is $50 before May 18 or after October 2. I would think that after October 2, this Walter Travis course would be a hidden gem. I haven’t played it, but many Presidents have. That’s good enough for me.”

Gvogel isn’t the only member who thinks this course is a hidden gem either, with fellow GolfWRX member runningdog stating

“The course is well worth the price of admission. It’s short but tight and tough.”

According to Cape Arundel Golf Club’s website, 18 holes from October-May will set you back $50, while to play after 4 pm ‘in-season’ it costs $55.




Check out the full forum thread here, and submit your Hidden Gem.


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Check out the full podcast on SoundCloud below, or click here to listen on iTunes or here to listen on Spotify.

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