How To Rotate Like a PGA Tour Player


In this video, I show you how to rotate like a PGA Tour player in your golf swing. The key is to rotate your mid spine. Doing that allows you to move your body correctly and maximize your power. Watch to learn more.

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Advanced Fellow of the PGA
Head Golf Professional
The Marriott Forest of Arden
The Golfing Machine Authorised Instructor
TPI Certified Fitness Golf Instructor
PGA Swing Lecturer
PGA Swing Examiner
PGA Qualified in 1999, Achieving 3rd position Trainee of the Year

Former Academy Coach Wales South West Squad
Performance Director Midland Performance Golf Academy
Coach to GB & I Squad Member
Head Coach to Birmingham University Teams
Coach to Solihull College AASE England programme
Coached Numerous County Squads including Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Derby.

I am a highly self-motivated full time coach committed to improve players of all standards. Through continually developing my skills and knowledge I am considered one of the leading coaches and have been recently voted in Golf Worlds top 100 coaches. Having excellent communication skills enables me to be able to deliver first class tuition to all levels of golfers and this is reflected in my achievements from my players and personal accolades.


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  1. You’re not too tight, you just have a misunderstanding of the amount of rotation required during the backswing.

    The shoulder breaks down due to a swing fault, not flexibility.

    Look at the belly button at the top of the backswing, it’s no where close to 90* rotated.

    The exercise you recommend is useless to golfer and potentially dangerous.

  2. I disagree with THE comment made by Steve .” Dissociation ” is THE foundation OF Power in THE coil.There should be a SEPARATION between THE coli OF THE shoulders and THE coil OF THE hips.THE core is a SPRING which is twisted to produce Power .If THE shoulders and THE hips turn i. Unisson ,there is nô coiling OF THE SPRING ,and nô torque is created .To avoid being hurt ,you must train your body to be flexible ,and strong

  3. Most golfers should turn their hips with the shoulders to reduce or eliminate potential back damage. Unless you are in great shape (or young) rotating the back with little or no hip rotation will stress the lower spine…a recipe for a lifetime of lower back problems. Ask Tiger.

    • I agree. I have a feeling that the “modern” swing, which seems to produce distance, will ultimately lead to a dearth of top players on the Champions Tour. Of course, unless those players whose backs don’t last will miss the pro game for the love of it, they will not lack for retirement money.