Collect The Golf Ball, Don’t Hit It


Many golfers wonder why they struggle to make consistent contact. They just can’t seem to consistently strike the ball in the center of the club face and make a nice, shallow divot.

In this video, I want golfers to consider changing the way they look at the impact. Instead of thinking about HITTING the ball, they should think about letting the club COLLECT THE BALL at the bottom of the swing circle. It can make a big difference in the quality and consistency of your strike.

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  1. “… you wanna get the mindset of the golf club collecting the ball at the bottom of the circle…
    There’s the secret, folks …. your golf club must have a mindset of it’s own…. and that’s why you must buy PXG’s because they got the most ‘mindset’ with all those weight screws in the head …. sooo obvious ….!