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GolfWRX Members: We Need Your Input!

CB57 (left) and the PP-9005 irons

Just like we did with the best drivers of the year, we want to know what you consider to be the best players irons on the market.

We want you to vote based on your personal experience with the irons. Things to consider include distance, forgiveness, workability, trajectory control, looks and feel. After you’ve voted in the threads, you can explain why you voted the way you did (and see how other readers voted and why?

We’ve broken the selections down into players irons and exotic players irons.

Do you carry a 3- or 4-wood? Why?

sh 3 wood

WRXer Hit Em Good seems to be something of a 4-wood advocate. He kicked off a thread dedicated to figuring out how many in the forums have 4-woods in the bag versus the more traditional “spoons.” The results (and rationales) are surprising! Check out the poll.

The great unspoken question in golf


You imagine the Braids, Taylors and Vardons of the world were boxers guys under their slacks. But as golf attire has evolved, golf-specific undergarments have emerged. Are any of these necessary? We know most pros (looking at you, Henrik Stenson) are boxer-briefs guys. Is that the preferred choice among the WRX faithful? Find out the answer to this burning question in the forums. See the thread.

How many “Top 100” courses have you played?


More than an opportunity to merely display the notches in your belt, it’s interesting to see how many of the best golf courses in the world fellow WRXers have played. And of course, such a tally lends itself to to discussing impressions of the finest courses in the game. A fine thread, courtesy of Adamjstl. Check it out.

How far average golfers really hit it


WRXer Sean2 called attention to a Golf Digest piece discussing how far average golfers hit the ball. This, of course, was the genesis of much back-and-forth about the findings, as well as the relative importance of distance. Great talk! See the thread.

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  1. Why aren’t gold plated Honma’s being mentioned. I mean they are worth more than PXG could ever dream of, so they have to be better, right? My vote goes for MP-33’s!

    • Next gen with the scratch and sniff face plates will be when I break the bank and finally buy a set. I just hope they don’t settle for synthetic eau du embarassment over the real deal!

  2. PXG irons don’t go any farther than any other iron and there dissperstion isn’t better than any other major brand and they certainly don’t feel better than mp5 or for that matter any of the blades out

  3. PXG……lol. Pardon my candor , i am a mid, single digit ,handicap with a pretty decent game. I could absolutely afford a set of those over priced sticks. But why???? Lets not forget we still have to put the club face on the ball. Sure there is probably a mental stigma that hey im forking out all this cake , it has to help…. Well it might for a while but rest assured it will wear off and that terrible slice or hook will show its face again. Your either a player or not. Sure game improvement clubs help high index golfers , but to what extent. Work on your swing and practice, practice, practice. You cant buy a golf game. # srixon z65

  4. Uh, because they all look almost exactly the same from the front, largely per USGA/R&A rules. And if you think the design of the back of the club, (weight dispersal, inserts etc) doesn’t make a difference in how the club plays/feels/hits etc., then, well, I’m not sure what to say. Do you think all clubs feel, hit, sound, perform the same? If not, is it differences in the face or in the overall design of the club? And is the overall design of the club best reflected by a photo of the back or the face???

    • Today’s club head designs effectively mask and compensate for off-center hits. Without such design improvements people would just not golf because it would be no fun.
      I like the looks and design of the PING I-blade because it looks functional and a players club.

    • He is right! I would say it is the elastomer material inside the irons. They feel like a corked bat! All the haters need to go hit them before making troll comments. They feel buttery soft like a Mizuno blade and are as forgiving as the Ping G series! Are they going to lower your handicap without more lessons and/or practice? No! Are they worth 3-5 times as much as other clubs? Depends, if you have to finance them the answer is another no. If you are the type of person that doesn’t even notice when their bank account drops by $3-5K then you should enjoy the best irons ever made!