Rory McIlroy and fiancee Erica Stoll will marry this weekend, per a report from the Belfast Telegraph.

And the venue the pair have chosen is certainly interesting. Ireland’s Ashford Castle, the luxury spot where McIlroy and Stoll have celebrated the last two New Year’s Eves, will play host.

Check this place out. It’s like the world’s most opulent Victorian estate was plugged into Macbeth’s castle.

The Cong, County Mayo, Ashford Castle was the filming locale for the 1952 John Wayne film, The Quiet Man. It has been popular among celebrities — from John Lennon to Brad Pitt — since.

The castle, portions of which were built as early as the 13th century, was named the No. 1 resort in Great Britain and Ireland by Travel and Leisure voters in the World’s Best Awards.

And if you’re wondering, renting out the entire 83-room venue, as McIlroy has done, reportedly costs between £54,000 in low season to £79,100 in high season.

Other details are scarce, as McIlroy, rightfully, wants to maintain a low profile for the event. Word has filtered out that Coldplay, one of McIlroy’s favorite bands, will perform at the wedding (and perhaps Ed Sheeran, as well). And of course, the guest list is expected to include some of the biggest names in golf.

Another item of note for golf fans. It’s not only Sergio Garcia who entertained notions of sporting the green jacket at his wedding. McIlroy told reporters he’d have worn golf’s most prestigious garment on his big day, had he won.

“It’s a great time in my life and it would have been nice to walk down the aisle in the green jacket.” he told reporters.

McIlroy and Stoll famously met during the 2012 Ryder Cup. She was working for the PGA at the time and arranged the European Team star’s police escort to Medinah when he was running late for his tee time. McIlroy was dating Caroline Wozniacki at the time. The Ulsterman broke off that engagement in 2014. The pair were engaged in December of 2015.

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  1. Don’t any of these stinking rich people feel guilty for this type of opulance? I think it’s disgusting actually. I bet it’s not Rory either. Don’t think much of him but betting it’s his missus that’s wanting all this to happen on a “blank cheque” budget. Ridiculously over the top and pointless, other than to take photos and post on social media to show off. Do something worthwhile with your money Rory, you don’t need all of it. How about you help more people with it other than ” The Rory foundation” which I’m sure is a great tax right off.

    • Write* off.

      And why do you care so much? Really you just sound super jealous. He’s not building the castle, just renting it! And he can rent it for a week in high season for a whopping 5% of his fedex cup check. If I just got an 11 million dollar bonus, it’d sound like a good price to me too!

      • Haha, yeah not jealous. I’m just not an elitist so not comfortable with things to excess. There’s no need for it. Yeah, I could always do with more money. What normal person couldn’t, but Cold Play at my wedding? That’s ridiculous.