The Importance of the Correct Head Position at Address


Hello, everyone! In this video, we talk about an aspect of your setup that could be severely impeding your ability to complete your backswing and access your target: having the correct head position at address. So many golfers are short circuiting their swings because they misunderstand how to position their head at address. They also don’t realize all the problems that can occur when their focus wanes from the target and defaults to the ball during the swing.

For many of you, this video will be huge; and it will change the way you look at your favorite players on Tour and the top players at your club. Rory does it; Jordan has it; Jack had it in spades! Make sure to watch the video and enjoy the ride!

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Shawn Clement is the Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and a class A PGA teaching professional. Shawn Clement was a 2011 and 2015 Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year nominee and was also voted in the top 10 (tied with Martin Hall at No. 9) as most sought after teacher on the internet with 65 K subscribers on YouTube and 29 millions hits.


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  1. so i just reviewed this video again and feel like something needs to be clarified. the head position at 2:58 (stone skipping analogy) is completely opposite from 3:20 the “proper position”. it seems like the majority of the rest of the video is centered around the head facing away from the target 20* which i am assuming is the correct address position. just want to make sure.

  2. You can “feel” the position of your head at static address position, but you can’t “feel” the spatial position of your head during the dynamic golfswing …. it’s just attached to your rotating shoulders through the neck, and virtually floats at the top of the spine.
    As your body CofG starts to shift and GRFs are being created with thrust and torque too, the only thing that happens in your head is keeping you in vestibular (inner ear) dynamic balance… and your head shifts and bobbles.
    Rec golfers attempt to think about their head during the swing and the brain just gets confused and everything gets out of sync. Can’t think and chew gum at the same time!

    • why cant you think and chew gum at the same time observant? i think about my head in relation to my body every night i practice and it helps a lot, i think you are full of bologna.

      • You are doing the right thing by thinking about your head every night you practice…. but your ‘thinking’ is ‘conscious’ thinking which should NOT be carried on to the golf course.
        You should forget about your head and just swing away naturally, automatically, unconsciously too…. and if you still screw up go back to nightly conscious practice until your pound your head into shape ….. ;)

    • Try swinging on an inclined hill and stay on your rear foot … and that should give you the feel of a positive spine angle. Then find a lower inclined hill as you progress to a level ground swing. All that fighting against the hill will allow you to get on your lead leg with a positive spine angle. Try it and tell us what happens…. for about 2 weeks.