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How long have you played your current irons?


Ever wonder how long your GolfWRX peers have been gaming their current irons? Perhaps you’d like to debate the logic of changing irons every year or playing the same sticks for a decade? Either way, this is your thread. Check it out.

The stiffest shaft you’ve ever played 


Tyler Harris asks: “What is the stiffest shaft you’ve ever dealt with? And, if you ever hit it, what did it feel like?” A great discussion! See the thread.

The great “range attire” debate

Sunday sunrise range

Golf attire is in a transitional period, this we agree. After relative consistency from the 50s through the early 2000s, things are changing. And when it comes to what to wear to the range, players are met with an even greater state of flux.

Cfunk11 lays out his dilemma: “I don’t want to wear my golf pants, because they look a little “dressy” for hitting balls and I don’t want to wear blue jeans either. Some kids are wearing sweat pants and I am probably too old to get away with that.”

See what WRXers say.

The most important element of a great golf course

AugustaNationalAn excellent question. Adamjstl writes

“We see posts on here regularly debating the Top-100 lists, arguing and agreeing about which tracks are over and underrated, and usually coming to the conclusion that many of us will agree to disagree…Instead, let’s talk about what makes a great golf course. Mainly, what is the #1 factor in determining a course’s greatness?”

To see what Adamjstl suggests is the prime factor and what other WRXers have to say, see the thread.

The classiest guys on the PGA Tour

Justin Rose coolest names

A pretty simple question here. We have plenty of discussion about the biggest jerks on the PGA Tour and their appalling behavior. Let’s examine the opposite: Who are the Tour’s true good guys? And really, almost everyone walking the fairways of the PGA Tour is a good guy. See the thread.

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