Welcome to GolfWRX’s Golf Shop Confidential. In “The Shop,” we do a lot more than sell equipment — we bring enjoyment to the game. They say that the players are on the course and the hackers are on the range. But the best stories are here in The Shop. Here’s a few funny ones from last week:

“Can we change the grips?”

I can’t describe the look that appears on a 50-year-old man’s face when he knows he hits the Cobra AMP clubs the best, and then realizes that he’s going to be rocking those bright orange grips in front of his buddies.

Him: “I’ll take them, but can we please change the grips?”

Me (with a wry smile): “Sure”

“Like cheating”

I recommended the Srixon Q-Star to a customer who was trying to correct his slice. He came back two weeks later raving about the straight ball flight and said it was “like cheating.” A guy one aisle over holding Polara golf balls just snickered.

“Cutting it down”

You wouldn’t believe how many guys ask me what the USGA is going to do about belly-and-long putters. It’s not like I’m going to be at a table inside USGA headquarters in the finals stages of the discussion. Pretty soon my answer is going to be to scream ,“THIS!” and snap the putter in half and hand it back to them. But for now I just smile and shrug.

“White Rocket”

It’s amazing to see how TaylorMade’s insistence on the white paint has found fewer and fewer objectors. Last year many older guys scoffed at the white R11 and Superfast 2.0. This year, they’re not (but they’re still buzzing about the “Rocketballz” name though).

Speaking of the name, I’ve learned that it’s more effective to introduce the new TaylorMade clubs as “RBZ” to ladies. When I say “Rocketballz” to them, they look at me funny and take a rather large step backwards.

“The wrong answer”

A customer tried to point out that we spelled “Anser” wrong on our PING sign (He said it should be “Answer”). I told him we’d correct it immediately.

“New fashion trend?”

Guys love the “flair hair.” I can’t explain it.

Orange rhymes with orange

A customer ordered the Graphite Design Tour AD-DI shaft (Tiger’s shaft) in a Cobra AMP driver. He rationalized it as “The only driver that the shaft color actually matches.”  The only thing tougher than finding a word that rhymes with orange is finding a driver that matches a bright orange shaft.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more.

Click here for more discussion in the “Equipment” forum. 

By “The Simulator Operator”

GolfWRX Contributor

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  1. Holy crap this is priceless! I have wanted to do a reality show on golf channel for this reason alone. Some of the ridiculous things we are asked seems to always puzzle the mind and entertain for weeks.
    I look forward to reading more and getting a chuckle knowing we are hearing the same thing.