Mizuno’s JPX-900 Tour irons are one of the hottest models on the PGA Tour, but it appears there’s a new iron in the works at Mizuno that’s designed with the best golfers in the world in mind.

Here’s a photo of what looks to be Mizuno’s next muscleback iron, the MP-18. We’re guessing it’s the follow-up to Mizuno’s widely praised MP-4 and MP-5 muscleback irons.

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  1. the real april fools joke is if they announced they were going to release their top model again in LH. Mizuno is a joke until they stop ignoring 25% of the golf population

  2. Hate ‘matte’ finish on musclebacks. Looks cheap. But to keep the chrome looking good you gotta put covers on them. Which sucks. Also, they had such good lines on the MP-4/5 series, this looks ridiculous.

    • LOL!
      1. Looks cheap? Not even close…
      2. Covers? I wish I had a dollar for every good player I saw with beat up blades. They are tools…next nice set around the corner.

        • Naw. It’s that black line graphic with the name of the club on it. Kinda like the T5 wedge with the black band, except on this MP, the name of the club is on it. Kills me. Too much, too busy. Not that I’m looking at the back of the iron to hit the damned thing, I just think it’s unnecessary

          • I’m pretty sure it’s not a graphic, Mizuno never puts ‘graphics’ on their MP lines. Could be a simple polish line being reflected by the light. The picture is pretty obscured.

                • By bar he meant that there is a strip. Strip, bar, what difference does it make. It’s a strip-bar-slash-dash-line across the middle. Ugly.

                • Looks like the black line similar to the mp25 model. Not a big deal to me they still are not too “busy” though they look similar to the ping iblade imo, though they are at least forged.

      • New Blades? A blade is a blade whether it is new or 10 yrs old, a blade is a blade and the older ones work just a well and maybe better. It”s all in marketing and staying inbusness. Enjoy whatever you have or want.

        • Right, but they’re not going to just reproduce the same MP-14 or 29 every year like they should, so this is what we are left with. And with very few MP numbers left to name these clubs, when they could just continue to make the same models like MP-68 or 69 and call it a day