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Frustrations of the demo-day rep 

demo day

You have to respect the demo-day reps. There are some universal truths of the demo-day experience, which elwhippy alludes to in his thread. Chief among these: As a rep, you’re going to deal with a range of whacky individuals with wildly off-base ideas about their golf swings, and most of them aren’t going to buy anything.

Pour one out for the demo-day dudes in this thread.

Favorite hybrid of the last decade?


While we don’t have the data to prove it, players seem to find a hybrid that works and stick with it for a long time. Ditto, the 3-wood. With this in mind, user aleph admits he’s finally in the market for a new hybrid and polls the readership for suggestions as to what he should put in the bag. See the thread.

The great jogger debate


To jogger, or not to jogger? While the slim-fitting, ankle-cuffed pant style is wildly popular at the moment, it may not belong on the golf course. Or, it may absolutely belong, depending on who you ask. WRXers hash out the “jogger” issue in this thread.

Perspectives on the API coverage


It was always going to be a challenge to present the first Arnold Palmer Invitational after the King’s death in the right manner. On the one hand, it’s important to remember the King. On the other hand, it’s important to take Mr. Palmer and what he represented — the highest ideals of the game, a commitment to service, etc — and make sure that is the spirit of the tournament going forward.

One GolfWRX forum member thinks the Golf Channel has struck too somber a tone with its coverage thus far. See who agrees/disagrees with the take in the thread.

Single-length iron feedback?


With Bryson DeChambeau’s arrival on the PGA Tour, and Cobra’s release of its One Length irons, it’s safe to say interest in single-length irons is at an all-time high. Not surprisingly, there’s a thread for those who have given the One Length a spin. See the thread.

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