WATCH: Michael “Diceman” Jacobs on the golf swing


    Many years ago at one of the Top-100 Instructor retreats I was sitting next to Brian Manzella. He introduced me to his friend, a golf instructor named Michael Jacobs, who Brian described as a “very smart guy.” Brian and I go way back, so I know for him to say that about a fellow teacher means he must be a superstar. Naturally, I wanted to know more about this guy.

    Later that night over some cocktails, Michael and I were sitting around talking with a few other people and I couldn’t help but laugh at his thick New York accent. I told him that he reminded me of the popular comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay, and from there “Dice” became his nickname to me.

    As time went on, Michael and I stayed in touch. I followed his maturation on the research side and became a huge fan of the work he and Brian did on Michael’s 3D-system.

    In this video, I’m happy to introduce to GolfWRX readers to my friend Michael Jacobs, a golf nut who has invested everything in his success as a teacher. He will likely lead the teaching industry at some point in the near future, so sit back and enjoy the Diceman!

    Check out this video and more at Michael Jacobs’ website.

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    1. You’re correct that feel is delayed. But I believe his point is to use what you feel on a previous swing to help change in advance of your next swing. As you say, the purpose practice is the attempt to groove a swing. Practice becomes more effective when you connect swings and patterns to optimize – what you feel is a huge tool in that process.

    2. Mike Jacobs is the man! This guy knows more than you will ever need to know about the golf swing and is great at communicating that to you in person. Listen to what the man has to say and you’ll definitely learn a few things that could help you improve your swing!