The Best Golf Clubs to Buy in 2017… So Far


In this video, myself and Rick Shiels I discuss our favorite golf clubs of 2017 from driver to putter… and which ones you should be testing.

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  1. There doesn’t seem to be much love for these two on WRX these days. I for one like these guys, they have good content in my mind and they have a good time while doing it.

  2. Sorry WRX, can’t bring myself to watch these two tossers……one moans about an old hand injury ( build a bridge and get over it )…the other is like a puppy who does tricks for treats ( click on my whatever button & I’ll do a back flip )…….a self deprecator & a self absorbed child….WRX you can do better than this.

  3. A friend of mine bought a set of second hand Cleveland irons which would be about 8 years old for $220. Its a switch from graphite shafts to steel shafts. Since he started playing with them (6 months), his handicap dropped from 16 to 13. I guess its a little to do with what you play with but a lot of it is how you play.

  4. Come on a 20 minute discussion? Get to the point and highlight 3-4 new technologies that look like they have delivered something new to the golf masses. Max 5 minutes guys…

  5. I’m sorry I never understood why Rick Shiels is so popular. Every video I’ve watched (not many) I feel like he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. His explanation of the Evenroll putter here proves that once and for all.