A group of activists vandalized Trump National Golf Course (Los Angeles) in Rancho Palos Verdes between Sunday night and Monday morning, allegedly sending a message to President Trump and his administration.

The group carved “NO MORE TIGERS, NO MORE WOODS” into the green of hole No. 5 in letters that ABC News said were 6-feet tall. One member of the five-person group captured the criminal activity on video, which is posted at the bottom of the article. A member of the group also spoke to ABC News using a voice-disguising mechanism.

“It’s a protest piece against Trump’s administration’s handling of our environmental policies,” the group member told ABC News. “He’s been very aggressive in gutting a lot of the policies that we’ve had in place for a very long time. We felt it necessary to stand up and go take action against him.”

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  1. This is as low as keying someone’s car. If I caught someone doing either of the sneaky lack of balls actual I’d let them try make a video titled “running from a person crazy enough to make me dance on camera courtesy of SIG.” Vandalism like this gets under my skin. No balls, when caught, bury on practice range with only their heads above ground.

  2. I’m a Canuck and there are idiots every where . This type of response does your little gang of mutts nothing . Believe me these types are everywhere ,and the sad part is they are allowed to breed.

  3. Argh! So many idiots! The people responding on Facebook with inappropriate language. The people defending poor actions because Trump does worse. Trump. Left wing lunatics. Right wing lunatics. Seriously, wait 24 hours and if you still think you need to post then come back.

    Anyhow, the whole thing was a hoax. This is just a huge and coincidental divot, and when the left wing golfer saw it he decided to pretend it was a political statement.

  4. If they really wanted to make their voice heard and cause a war cry, just try tinkering on down to Augusta National GC dig up their greens and see what happens ???? I’m not condoning this act by the way, but it sure would let the shit hit the fan, with the millions of golf lovers in America.

    Or if you wish to protest then phone Mr trump up arrange a meet, then you can sit down and discuss like normal citizens ways to overcome global warming, not much hope as someone on here said, that Mother earths being changing and evolving for millions of years, and she aint about to change her ways, when we burnt fossil fuels the world over didn’t hear a peep about global warming, probably we were too busy fighting world wars, if they want to protest about Tigers being drove to extinction then go to China and India and protest, if their concerned about trees and forests then go to Brazil and protest, and also the ivory animals, Elephants and rhinos the go to African countries and protest about the Poachers, and war lords condoning this mass killing, I mean Mr trump cant be held responsible for every frigging thing that goes wrong.

  5. So many idiots on this site. I love the stupid comment about needing more liberals to grow the game. Vandalism is wrong nothing more to be said. Do you really think this stupid act will change policy? If you do then you’re less intelligent than you think you are. Hope and change by these tactics? Maybe another plan of attack that doesn’t involve anarchy might serve your agenda better, you can’t say that the conservatives would employ these kind of tactics. Stupid is as stupid does

    • While activities like this are wrong, sometimes people have to cross boundaries to make a statement heard. There are a very small number of people who can change laws so that they don’t have to abide by them. The rest don’t have that luxury. Whatever you or I think, these people were smart enough to find a way to get themselves heard and they have us talking about it.

  6. I don’t come to Golfwrx to talk about politics. This trash doesn’t belong here. It belongs on the dreck that is both sides of the media, desperate for a reason for being.

  7. Support this action 100%. Science denying, no-nothing republicans are the ugliest sentient beings in the history of the universe. No time for argument these days, its literally pointless to use facts anymore.

    • Appreciate you once again insulting me for disagreeing with you enlightened ones. Budget-denying, do-nothing, lying libs are a scourge on this country. There – that really forwarded the dialogue, didn’t it. Name-calling never does.

      First amendment for libs only, right? Shout down conservatives and non-lib students everywhere.
      Require total transparency on Trump’s taxes but it’s ok for Wasserman Schultz to surreptitiously undermine Bernie’s campaign.
      Laws should be adhered to unless the crimes are committed against conservatives.
      Laws should be adhered to unless it’s for illegals, their families, and their voting.

      If we can’t even agree that crimes are crimes, where do we start? Your move, sport.

      A 1%er, ex-military, summa cum laude college grad who supports Trump while also supporting gay marriage, Roe v Wade, and legal immigration while condemning the incredible untruthfulness seen from Dems and from some on the GOP side

  8. Nobody reading this should put forth any political spin. I don’t care if your extremely left or extremely right. It’s a simply act by some vandals. No reason to toe any party line, people. Just look at it as vandalism by common criminals. You do everyone here an disservice by blaming any political party. I’m a democrat but I certainly don’t think this was a good thing. Ridiculous in fact. Move on. Blaming the left, the media, or anyone else doesn’t further the country.

  9. as usual, our media labels this as coragous and brave act of defiance (Wash Post) ….yet if this was a conservative they’d label it as hateful, intolerant, vandalism, and anarchists.

    the double standard among the media is stunning, yet predictable. As is the intolerance and hypocrisy among the left

    • Didn’t get that feeling. The media just stated what happened and a quote by the perpetrator. No OpEd by ABC News at all. They never called it “courageous defiance”. Take off your bias glasses and take the story as matter-of-fact of an event and move on. IF I told you a pedestrian was hit by a car at an intersection how would you spin that?

    • Didn’t see the words “courageous defiance”. Just saw a story about some idiots who torched a green. No bias or OpEd in the piece. In unrelated new a pedestrian was hit by a car in a crosswalk downtown this morning. How can you spin that one?

  10. “Murdering grass”? Really? Grass is not an endangered species, nor is it difficult to grow back. Would you call taking a divot “murdering grass”? Because the average 130-shooting hack tears up that much grass with their play.

  11. It’s funny how to conservative golfers, this is such a “disgusting crime”, and they are appalled and judge all liberal-minded folks by these actions. But when conservative politicians manage to legalize the fleecing of the American people via things like the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies, which KILL people on an hourly basis, this is “just business” and defended to the hilt.
    (And when Trump, Bannon and Pence take charge on their vote, they can claim “but I’m not racist or misogynist”.)

    To say we have different values is an understatement.
    But the past 9 years have proven that.

    One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    • They’re protesting the destruction of the environment, and your suggestion is “get over it”? Why couldn’t the billionaires and their corporations “get over” the regulations enacted to save the planet? Why couldn’t Republican Congress and 42% of the country “get over” the fact that Obama won two elections? People who put greed and ignorance above the good of the people and planet are the ones who need to “grow up”. But if you see shining a light on real problems as “causing more and more problems”, then that explains why the world is as f-ed up as it is now. I guess everyone should just keep their mouths shut and put up with whatever is done to them, and somehow it will all be OK.

    • Like Pete Dye said, “It’s just grass.” Really, hang someone from wrecking some grass? Did you think about those words before you typed them, or are you just a ridiculous reactionary like the morons that defaced this green?

      • If you’re suggesting hanging people for hurting some grass, what do you suggest for all the Wall Street execs who destroyed peoples’ lives? Or the pharmaceutical companies and health care companies who kill people every day for profit?

        Oh, right, laws in their favor and achievement awards. Nice values.

          • I think you’re being over-simplistic. The reality is if you’re trying to bank a bonus, you couldn’t care much less if there’s a long term fallout on the bottom line. It’d be dishonest to say people only consider the company’s infinite bottom line. More likely, there are some individuals who focus on the near terms profits, without regard for what happens later. And these decisions have consequences much larger than turf damage. They just don’t have the image problem of someone carving into a green.

  12. So that is your new America, huh? If you don’t agree with another political party, just burn, vandalize, perform acts of violence against supporters of the other party. In Japan, were not shown this type of behavior that Republicans did when Obama was in office. Odd.

      • Reminds me of Republicans for the last 8 years. And I mean, ALL of them. Not a handful of people who “vandalized” some grass. Republican golfers care more about a patch of grass than peoples’ lives or the planet. That’s the conservative way, because that little patch of grass is PROFIT!

  13. I think we’re on to something here! 90% of the responses below are from conservatives/Republicans. If GolfWRX is a cross section of the average golfer then it’s obvious we need many, many more liberals to grow the game.

  14. Kind of a stupid crime. Much less risky to make money as a Wells Fargo exec while looking the other way as thousands of employees open millions of accounts without customers’ permission over many years to meet absurd quotas, then retire with a 9-figure payout as your punishment, then play lots of golf on courses like this.

  15. It got the message across (and directly to Trump in this case) without anyone getting hurt. Other than hurting the wallets of some very well-off club members. On a positive note it caused the extra employment of some greenskeeping crew members, thus strengthening the economy as Trump has promised.

    Though the message was weak… if Tiger wants to rub shoulders with Trump that’s his right. Doesn’t mean we have to like him for it.

  16. Really? He has nominated a climate change denier to the head of the epa and he sees any regulations that protect clean air and water as bad and is actively trying to repeal them to benefit big business. His nom to the epa has actively sued the EPA to lighten restrictions on coal plants, and several other issues. Basically he is doing everything in his power to harm the environment.

  17. Disgusting. I’m not a big Trump guy by any means, but I find it absolutely disgusting that A) people would do this to a golf course just because it has his name attached to it, and B) that ABC would happily keep these people anonymous and disguise the voice just to get the scoop. THIS IS A FREAKIN CRIME. They belong in jail.

  18. when it is against Trump (or conservatives) they’re called ‘activists’ and ‘protesters’. When it was against Obama (or the left) they’re ‘racists’ and ‘terrorists’.

    • Yep, there’s no difference between fighting for the environment by harming some grass and carrying a sign with a painting of lynching an African American President. Yep, exactly the same.

      At least you admit that fighting for the environment is “against conservatives”.

  19. Well the solution is quite clear. These people have a deep abiding love and respect for the environment. I think they should be given the chance to experience the environment in all it’s glory.
    So, with just the clothes on their backs, they will be flown to a spot that is 500 miles from any trace of civilization and be chucked out of the airplane with a static line parachute attached.
    If they can survive, and walk out, they don’t have to go to jail. Seems fair. I mean since their point is the Trump administration has allegedly endangered the environment, a pen and notebook will be provided to our hapless eco-warriors so that they can log, in person and in real time, the effects of said policy reversals on their immediate surroundings. Well, it’s research, right?