If you think of golf gloves, especially premium golf gloves, you will naturally think of the usual suspect: Nike, Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade and of course, FootJoy. Hirzl golf are looking to add their names to this role call.

While they are unknown to many in the golf world, they are better known for their cycling gloves.
They have shown their commitment to golf by becoming the official glove of the Ladies European Tour and sponsoring LPGA major winner Anna Nordqvist. Hirzl currently offer 3 different gloves: the TRUST Control for max grip in all weathers, the TRUST Feel for the combination of grip and feel and the SOFFFT Flex which is their all cabretta “player’s” offering.

What is so unusual in the two TRUST gloves is that the palm is made from Kangaroo leather rather than the normal Cabretta (sheep) leather. While this might sound odd, any motorcyclist (especially any one of us who has taken a lowside at speed) knows that Kangaroo leather offers a combination of flexibility and durability unrivalled by any other sort of leather. Now, riding leathers do a very different job from golf gloves but the idea of using Kangaroo leather is not as far out as it might seem.

The TRUST gloves incorporate GRIPPP technology which Hirzl claims result in better grip in both the dry and the wet. The GRIPPP tech is the result of an extensive tanning process and Hirzl made some fairly spectacular claims about the results. They claim that the GRIPPP Control offers 3x more grip in the dry and 5x more grip in the wet than any other glove and the GRIPPP Feel glove offers 2x more grip in the dry and 4x more grip in the wet.

Added to the extra grip, Hirzl go on to say that these gloves also have far higher abrasion and tear resistance as well as water repellency and sweat absorption. All in all, some pretty bold claims from a new boy to the market. And of course we should not forget their SOFFFT Flex Glove which is aimed squarely at the likes of the FootJoy Pure Touch.

So how did we find them…

As you would expect, the kangaroo leather palms of the Control and Feel gloves feels different. Before they were put on testers felt that they were slightly less flexible than normal but as they warmed up on the hand they appeared to soften so that they could not feel any difference to a normal glove. As promised, the grip was found to be nothing short of spectacular. Even if the gloves were dipped in water, they were still exceptionally grippy. The mesh construction on the back also meant that in hot and humid conditions they did not overheat. Durability was also excellent with the gloves showing almost no abrasion marks even after a number of rounds.

The SOFFFT glove is pure premium (or “platinum” as Hirzl call it) Cabretta leather and is much closer to a standard player’s glove than the other two. The leather is gorgeous and offers all the feedback you could want in a players gloves despite the leather feeling fractionally thicker. Again the durability is noticeably better than standard gloves.

The first time they were worn, the seams could sometimes catch under the nails but to be fair that is something that all gloves can suffer from so we cannot be too harsh here. The main complaint is probably going to be the price. These gloves are right at the top end of the price range which might put some people off but given that they are so durable in the long run I would expect the cost to even out since a single glove would last you much longer than any other glove.

Basically the combination of better grip, far greater durability and top level feel of the cabretta SOFFFT is unmatched by any other glove manufacturer and if you do want the best glove for wet or humid weather you cannot beat the TRUST gloves. You just need to find the one that is right for you.

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  1. Hands down the softest and most perfectly fitting glove I have ever worn. I purchased four and each one fit exactly the same! A first for me. I’ve tried all the big name gloves and the Hirzl Soffft Flex is the best. The company says they’re washable (and wind up like new afterwards) based on all of their other claims, I believe them.

  2. If your glove starts falling apart or ripping, it’s not the right fit. I have had a $12 Footjoy glove for 2 years (about 50 rounds) without any tears and minimal wear. I used to wear a mens medium that was comfortable but after a few rounds it started wearing severely. I switched to a small glove, same brand, and two years later…

  3. I cannot say enough about the Hirzl Trust Control model.. I am a very fast swinger (125mph driver speed) and have never been satisfied with a glove, in over 20 years of playing.

    Until I found Hirzl.

    With other gloves, no matter what I tried, I would always get hot spots and blisters, even through the glove. I would apply tape to my glove hand in order to stop this, which obviously is not great for feel.

    With the Hirzl glove, I apply a single piece of tape to one finger on my bare hand and that’s it. Awesome grip. Awesome feel. Awesome comfort.

    The glove lasted for about 20 outings (range / course mixed). For me, that is very good.. I will shred cheap gloves in 3-4 outings.

    Promptly went out and bought a 3-pack.. I can’t see myself ever playing anything else from here on out.

    Premium price, totally worth it.


  4. I purchased several of these gloves @ PGA Show in Orlando 2.5 years ago. I live in centeral Florida so say no more about humidity. These gloves outlast anything else on the market 3-1, hands down. It is true when they get wet the get grippier (not sure that is a word). Well worth the price. Fit is almost perfect.

  5. great leather in the palm, good grip, BUT after 12 games the soft leather on top of the thumb was torn and the glove had to be discarded, it should not happen with a premium priced glove

  6. Almost two years ago I started playing with a Hirzl Trust. Last week I put on the third one. I absolutely love the gloves. They fit even after rounds and rounds, the feel comfortable but not loose and the make me grip with less pressure.
    Only one point is bad. They are cheaper in the U.S. than in Europe.

    • As with many things – transportation costs must be negative! How can this be?
      Luckily I get to the USA every few months so do all my shopping stateside.

      I just love the SOFFFT glove. I’m a terrible player, but when I put this glove on, in my mind, anything becomes possible…..

  7. My story with the Hirzl glove:
    I’m a lefty, so when playing my first round this year, the only glove they had in the shop, was the Hirzl. I had never heard of it before, but a glove is a glove, I thought. 6 rounds later, I thought a new glove was in place, as I usually use a glove for 5-7 rounds before buying a new one. So I did, a SoftJoy glove. When this was worn out, I tried my “old” Hirzl again, and to my surprise, it felt better than the SoftJoy. And today, 20 rounds later, I still play with my Hirzl glove.. That’s what I call durabillity.. Amazing glove, absolutely love it..

    • A glove is not always a glove…this post reminded me of a glove I wore my first one for about 2 months until it got dirty. The AuraForm golf glove claims to be the longest lasting golf glove ever…