Galvin Green, a Swedish company that makes high-end golf outerwear, has unveiled a new Gore-Tex C-Knit Backer Collection that was worn by the 2016 European Ryder Cup team and will again be worn by Team Europe in 2018.

The line uses the company’s new three-layer technology, which is made in Japan and is noteworthy for its light weight, breathability and waterproofing. And as we noted in our 2015 feature on Galvin Green, its outerwear is made with the specific needs of golfers in mind.


“C-Knit Backer represents the next generation of golf rainwear and another ‘first’ for Galvin Green as the pioneering brand in the waterproofs sector,” said Christian Nilsson, CEO/Managing Director of Galvin Green. “A revolutionary fabric technology has been integrated into garments designed for golfers by golfers to offer maximum protection from the elements, while being amazingly lightweight and stylish at the same time.”

The Backer Collection features the company’s Argon full-zip ($695) and Aldrin half-zip ($660) jackets, and Arn pants ($680) to complete the outfit.

The jackets have “ergonomic” high collars for extra weather resistance and comfort, rubberized zipped cuffs, waterproof zippers and adjustable waist width. The pants have elastic waistbands for a comfortable fit and back openings for easy pocket access. The jackets and pants are made from a rubber-like neoprene material that’s made to repel water.

Galvin Green apparel is available at and other high-end retailers.

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  1. Maybe you better should spend some serious money for the best raingear than for the next 500,- shaft which you can not handle…
    Or a “Tour only” putter ;-)
    Galvin Green makes the absolute best raingear in my opinion.

  2. I think Galvin Green has avoided the U.S. market knowing that endless advertising is needed in markets that are immature (use the dictionary for the real definition of that word and you’ll understand). Perhaps when it rains in the U.S. guys sit around indoors drinking Miller Lite so rain gear isn’t ever needed. Though the GG gear works in cold climates too so it’s not just about wet weather but as a niche manufacturer they’ve racked up 25 years in the business without needing to bother with the U.S. and they’re not going to go for sub-prime just to add a few sales; leave that to the ubiquitous Nike and Under Armour brands.

  3. Well, GG apparently is so good, you can spend hours in the gallery sitting on wet grass while it’s raining and your butt actually stays dry under those pants. A feat not many other companies can do except with vulcanized rubber b/c the water is still pressed through the fabric.
    But in the US, noone’s going to pay that kind of money for rain gear. It’s not as if they would play in the rain anyway. Or walk….

  4. Yup. Prices are a non-starter for me BUT I have managed to find pieces on sale. Managed to grab two jackets and a pair of August pants (all gore-tex – not the the new c-knit stuff) for about $150 cdn each piece. Well worth it as it performs so ridiculously well. The C-knit gear is nice but I’ll wait and hunt for deals.

  5. Galvin Green is the best in the business. I just picked up the Argon at my club and it blows anything else away. C Knit is the real deal, other big time outerwear companies have used this material like Patagonia, Arc Teryx. Nice to have it in a golf specific product finally and looks better than anything else on the market. Well done Galvin Green!

  6. When Galvin launched in the UK they were a bit more expensive than other makers but their quality and performance justified the premium. Now they are just taking the mick. We have a rule…if you need a full GG suit on it is too wet to play.

  7. There gear is in golftown where it collects dust cause no one is gonna pay that much. Seen a dude grimace at the price tag of a pair of pants he was looking at…too funny.

  8. Lol at those who say no brand recognition, sad you’ve never heard of their gear (been up here north of the border for 10+ years). Pricey for sure, very nice stuff, but you can find other gear at better value (as mentioned Sunice (only top end) and I’ll add ZR to that, tho harder to find). Clothing is also very nice, but not meant for typical N/A body types unless you are malnourished!

  9. They are crazy to think they can charge that much in N.A. There is no brand recognition here and $1000 for jacket and pants is ridiculous. They won’t be around very long.

  10. $695 for a golf shell? That’s more than I paid for an Arc’teryx Gore-tex Pro-Shell ski jacket that has a LOT more technical features; seam taped, helmet compatible hood, powder skirt, and asymmetrical zipper to name a few. On top of that, my Arc’Teryx was made in North America and I would bet dollars to donuts this will be made Galvin Green gear will be made in Asia somewhere.