After five years of development, Bridgestone Golf is rolling out its new BFIT application, the world’s first golf ball fitting app. BFIT is designed to transform every golfer’s mobile device into a ball tracking launch monitor.

The app records video of the user’s swing and analyzes it to provide swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, carry distance and total distance to recommend the perfect golf ball for the user’s game.


BFIT is now available for iOS devices through the App Store and is slated for release on Android in the near future.

“For the past decade we have separated ourselves from all other manufacturers by truly mastering the art of golf ball fitting, as it is an absolutely crucial aspect of optimizing performance,” says Adam Rehberg, Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting. “With the BFIT app we’re removing any barriers to ball fitting, as players will no longer need to come to special events or spend money on fancy launch monitors, we’re giving everyone all the necessary tools for free.”

BR - Travis demo at Caesars_2

As you might expect, the app can be used nearly anywhere. All you need is a buddy to film your swing. Thanks to the captured data, the app recommends a specific Bridgestone ball.

“With my technology and physics background, the BFIT app is perfect for me,” says Bridgestone-sponsored Bryson DeChambeau. “The success of Bridgestone’s ball fitting program has benefited many over the past decade, but the masses deserve to experience how valuable this process is and the app allows maximum inclusion for golfers of all skill levels.”


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  1. That is the problem I have always had with Bridgestone fittings. They automatically assume you need an e series or a b series based upon handicap or average score. I have been fitted by them (at free events) a few times, and noticed the trend.