Pat Perez, a two-time PGA Tour winner (2009, 2016), went on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio on Thursday and dished out some opinions that Team Tiger is NOT going to like.

After briefly praising Tiger Woods on the radio show for being “a needle mover, he is the needle” in golf, he proceeded to say Woods shows up to events for his sponsors and TV time but that “he can’t beat anybody.”

“…he’s got this new corporation he started so he has to keep his name relevant to keep the corporation going,” Perez said. “So he’s going to show up to a few events, he’s going to try to play.., he’s going to show the Monster bag, he’s going to show the TaylorMade driver, he’s gonna get on TV. He’s got the Nike clothes; he’s gotta keep that stuff relevant, but the bottomline is he knows he cant beat anybody. He knows it… I mean he shot 77. That guy cant shoot 77. What does he do the next day? Aw my backs gone. He knows he cant beat anybody! I told you! He’s not gonna come out and play poorly.”

Harsh words from Perez, who once played junior golf with Woods. He also went on to say that if Woods doesn’t play in the Masters that he’s likely done playing golf for the year.

When asked if he was going to play at Augusta, Perez said, “If he doesn’t play Augusta then it’s over… it’s not like he has his favorite major courses after Augusta.”

Listen to the interview here

Will we see Tiger Woods play again this year? If you ask Pat Perez, the answer is “no.”

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Andrew Tursky is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team while earning a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


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    • would be nice if the media would give us the complete context instead of snippets. this is definition of a manufactured story for clicks and you are the gullible one believing it unbeknownst to the full context or interview.


      media and journalism continues its circling of the drain.

      • I for one do not believe that GolfWRX engages in any kind of “fake news” agenda. In this particular case it is quite simple to click on the provided interview link and listen to Perez’s own words being spoken by him without any editing that I can detect. If you agree with Perez, just say say so. That is certainly your right and might add to the discussions herein. But attacking and demeaning other posters and GolfWRX itself is unproductive, disrespectful, and illogical.

  1. It’s not so much what he said, but how he said it! It sounded like there was a contempt in his voice! It was real brave on radio. It’s sad when the haters start drama or jump on the band wagon. It would not have been as bad to have said it, in a different tone, but not with the contempt that it carried, especially from a player with his record, versus a player of Tigers history.

  2. It’s ok, Pat is just trying to make Tiger’s value lower so PXG can sign him and make him relevant again. I mean they are the best performing clubs ever made right and can cure anything!? They likely even come with some IHOP vouchers!

  3. I may agree but, to say it that way was wrong. He may not win again but, he is the best of his time by miles. He played the game like nobody else. He can’t stop age or his body breaking down no matter how he tries. I think he has matured and is handling it very well. He does show up and he is showing his inner self. He is smiling and signing autographs and taking pictures. To me that takes a big man to do it especially with what he going through. I would like to add that I’ve never been a big Tiger fan so, I’m not just talking him up.

  4. Look, the game needs to continue to change. We can’t keep living on the coat tails of Jack, Arnie, and Tiger. That won’t grow the game anymore that it already has. They have already brought the people to the game that their gonna bring. I appreciate what they did for the game and what those ambassadors are continuing to do… Double P is far more acquainted with El Tigre than most of us… The comments were made on Pat’s own radio show on sirus xm.. It’s his show… He can say what he wants, he’s a grown man. However there are concenquences when you say things. Maybe we should ask Tiger how he feels, although he might not want to comment because of their relationship, or his respect for Pat, or just because his personality is different. This is just an example how Pat sees things. I have huge respect and admiration for Tiger for what he’s done for himself and the tour and so does Pat. However I get where Double P is coming from. Once a great amateur boxer, a man who’ll let you know how he feels, rockin the mullet, sporting William Murray Golf, and just being a super cool dude…. Golf needs more guys like this now more than ever…..

  5. oh look….another wrx clickbait article.

    yet again they post a fraction of what was actually said to entice readers and have a flashy headline. would be nice to get the entire interview for a little….context.

    media and journalism is circling the drain. its catchy headlines and clickbait articles with half truths. go get the full interview and read or listen to everything that was said.

  6. Pat Perez might be speaking some semblance of truth, but you just don’t say these things publicly, not when you’re a nobody and you’re talking about the greatest to ever tee it up, the man who made golf what it is today. You bow your head when he walks past you, and you be grateful for his existence, you don’t publicly clown him.

    Don’t be so disrespectful Pat.

  7. Good lord.. Golf Digest must be owned by CNN. This WAS out of context. Pat was talking about Tiger playing while he’s hurt, before he’s ready. No where did he ever say that Tiger will never play competitively again. Nowhere did he say that this is the permanent situation for Woods.

    Pat was talking about Woods’ situation NOW. Not the outlook, not the past, future, etc.. He’s talking about what is happening with him today and this season, and if you can’t tell that he’s right, I’m not sure what to say.

  8. I’m sure the next article will contain the phrase “taken out of context”. Even though Perez is closer to the truth than most want to believe. 80 wins 14 Majors, that was then this is now, and now seems like done.

  9. No reason to said it like that. Just shaking off some rusts. That’s it. We are all dissapointed. Let’s hope that he’ll be back for the sake of golf which without him, will just go down the road of badminton or rugby.

  10. I don’t normally write my comments, but I truly hope Woods gets healthy and torches this guys arse during any given round in any tournament. I thought Perez was a jerk….just confirmed it.

  11. Listen to the actual audio. He didn’t bury Tiger at all. Just that he’s hurt and trying to play. Lot’s of click bait on these articles. I don’t think he was knocking Tiger at all.

  12. Tiger is my favorite golfer of all time, and I get excited every time he comes back. I am always hoping that he will dominate when he makes a comeback. However, it’s hard to say this, but Pat is probably right, and you can’t hate on someone for stating the truth, or saying it the way he sees it.

  13. The only harshness is how this article twists what was said in the interview and the slanted reporting to generate hits (the sales needle today). There are few people who could get to the top like Tiger and still be able to handle being in front of an audience playing, most likely, worse than when he was in his teens. Jack and Gary eventually couldn’t compete in the professional tours, but still could smoke most of us going even their 60s and 70’s. Heck, I know people who were never less than a 12 handicap that just could not handle that they could no longer break a 20 handicap as they got older and walked away form golf. How much harder must it be at the level of one of the best golfers ever to walk the fairways.

  14. . . . . . ..Perez has a point, but he should not put Woods on blast like that as IF Perez’s career rivals Tiger’s
    ALSO Woods has made all of these guys VERY rich since he emergence on tour. . . .show some respect at least !!!

  15. Hard to argue with the guy but some things are better left unsaid. Especially when you’re a journeyman tour pro who has made millions thanks to Tiger’s popularity skyrocketing the purses on tour.

    • Pat’s got a great radio show on Sirius PGA Tour Radio so he’s paid to offer his opinion. It’s actually one of the best spots on the PGA Tour Radio.

      There’s no doubt that Pat appreciates Tiger and he even acknowledged as much by saying “he IS the needle” but he also calls it like he sees it which is the main reason his show is so good.

      • He’s the modern day Daly. I’d guess he pretends to be the every man with his sweet mullet, but is quite out of touch with reality. He’s a journeyman, as everyone else has noted. He’s also an arrogant individual who is difficult to understand.

  16. I mean he’s pretty much spot on. Regardless of history between them, its true. I’m not huge into Tiger but I would like him to be able to retire without looking like a joke on the course. Bahamas was good for him, I think he made the most birdies out of anyone but Pat Perez is right, he isn’t beating anybody. He’ll say he’s playing they’ll show his range session, practice green and every shot on the course bad or not because he gets viewers.