Hideki Matsuyama has been on an absolute tear on the golf course of late, capturing six worldwide wins in the last calendar year. He’s also proven time and again that he has incredibly high standards for his golf shots.

At the 2017 Genesis Open, he took his hand off the golf club in disgust on a par-3 tee shot, and the ball nearly went in the hole.

“He hated it and it hit the flagstick,” an announcer proclaimed.

We think he may have caught the ball a groove low, but alas, he’s the undisputed king of #TourSauce as NoLayingUp would call it.

Good luck trying to guess where the ball is going based on Matsuyama’s reactions. Although if you guess “somewhere near the hole” you’d likely be right, even if he snaps a club over his knee especially if he snaps a club over his knee.

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